Our students are from all over the world

MUDr. Pavel Dvorsky

As surgeon, I watch constantly rising tendency of occurrence of deadly diseases with disconcertment. One day, I realized that it also applies for us, physicians, and I found in statistics that we die even sooner than our patients. That day, I understood that we, doctors, were doing “something” wrong and if I wouldn′t do anything about it, soon, me and my family would say: “Why just me?”, as I frequently hear. We, doctors, intuitively feel that prevalence of these long-term fatal mistakes lies in the area of nutrition and way of life, but our pride and lack of humility don′t allow us to admit that we know almost nothing about this topic, because nobody had taught us that. System of medical education totally omits this issue. I decided to change that – because of me, my family and my “new” unblended patients. I chose educational institute of Martin Jelínek, because it is absolute top in the branch of practical education of complexly interpreted healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, his “know-how” interconnects the best facts of credible scientific studies of Western medicine with non-negligible wisdom of medicine of ancient Eastern culture. Content and level of education highly exceeded my expectations and statute of “course” is probably given due to legislative reasons, because it is more like university study. Lessons are catching, educational, anybody can manage them no matter of his or her profession, education or busyness. And that is very important. I wish anybody could experience the joy of “his” discovery of healthy way of life that this institute provides to graduates. If this reference should have any message, I would start with quote: „If a man is healthy, he desires many things, if he is sick, he desires one thing. Health.” “Dig the well before you are thirsty.” And I would add: “It′s never too late to start to educate in this branch. Let′s do it for us, our family and let′s help others. By the way, it is great way how to change the world to be better!

Andrew and Michaela Dobiasek

Imagine of having a teacher who… - Is growing both personally and professionally with a remarkable pace already for greater part of his life - Uses his western-world scientific knowledge as a basic platform, not as a ceiling - Is willing to go against the flow, if the flow goes in a wrong direction - Is able to educate you in a catchy way, to understand wider relations - Understands how important the harmony of body and mind is for human health - Lives a lifestyle that is the best example of his teachings - Has such good results in helping with other people’s health that it gives lots of good reasons to listen carefully - However he himself is more listening than talking; humility, smile and respect is his second nature. We could continue this way, but words cannot express. You have to live it. Martin Jelínek is very inspiring personality that can – always kind of by the way – fascinate you with something new, whenever we have a chance to meet him again. During more than 10 years, we have had a privilege to learn from him in different fields, nor during the whole era of our academic education, we have never had a chance to meet a teacher that would be better in his ability to ignite a passion for knowledge inside you. It is great now to see the followers of his school growing, as exactly this kind of teachers should be available to anybody who wants to be able to meaningfully coach himself or others on how to deal with their health. Now, thanks to the courses of Martin Jelínek, you have such chance.

MUDr. Lucie Tomickova

I have been working in the world of nutrition and wellness for more than 10 years. When I was at home with my kids, I felt a strong desire again – to fulfill my dream to become nutritional advisor. Course of Martin Jelínek is unique, because of two reasons. First of all, you can study online, which I appreciated as mother of two small kids. Holistic view on nutrition and health is the second reason. Complex perception of connection between nutrition and not only physical body, but mind and emotions as well, is a thing that I was vainly looking in other accessible courses. If you are active in approach to yourself and your health, I can recommend you this course. If you succeed in integrating gained knowledge into your life, it is possible that you will never need a doctor anymore :-) I wish you healthy and satisfied life. And I have also the third reason, why to study this course – it is a personality of Martin Jelínek. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart and wish him the best in life.

Jakub Pribyl

In the beginning of my career of nutritional advisor when I was deciding which course to choose from the plentiful “diet commerce” (so I wouldn′t gain just “paper”, but also quality information), courses of Martin Jelínek were recommended to me. I am analytical person, so in the beginning, it was disadvantage for me that there is just one lecturer unlike other training companies. However, I found out very quickly that this is an advantage, because the lecturer is Martin Jelínek. In my opinion, he is one of the most complex nutrition experts and I dare to say that he is the best lecturer ever. I value him for his huge professional scope and I am grateful for chance of further education.

Ing. Helena Dlouha

30 years ago, I started to be interested in nutrition… I get married and I wanted to know, how to cook. I was looking for context – why, how and so on :-). I was looking in cookbooks, and vegetarian and macrobiotics cookbooks… I went through various periods, I gained various experience and I also found interesting connections – between our food and mind. I was interested in this topic. However, it is not easy to create one balanced whole from all that various information from different authors. Every man is different. What applies for one, is impossible for other one. And there are so many truths about nutrition, and each of them is different. In the course of time, I almost resigned. However, all happens in good time. My friend told me about Martin Jelínek. After certain period of time I enrolled at his course. I don′t believe in accidents, so – thank you, destiny. Martin Jelínek succeeded to create self-contained and functioning picture from those small pieces of information. Everything started to mesh like puzzle. I am skeptical person and I look at everything from many sides and I want to know why and how, before I accept it. I know, sooner or later, I will have more questions, but I also know within which context I will look for answer. Why did the course speak to me? Holistic perspective. It didn′t favor any diet school, any author. Martin Jelínek doesn′t condemn anybody and doesn′t make a fuss of anybody. He uses logic – however his logic is compatible with thinks that are incalculable and immeasurable. In the beginning, it wasn′t easy to sense the personal nutritional posture of Martin Jelínek. Today, I think that I suppose that – and I understand why he is so impartial in certain things. It is valuable to create own view on certain thing that is not affected by opinions of a teacher. Ideally, teacher should help to keep our thinking within certain framework. Regarding this view, we had ideal teacher… and in other views as well :-) Thanks to this course I realized that there is no place for resignation in my life; that I enjoy nutrition and I want to deal with this issue. Ain′t it great?

Mgr. Andrea Kroupova

When I was thinking, where I can get quality information about nutrition, it was important for me that opinions of lecturer are in compliance with my mindset. I was looking for long time and considering where to enroll. It put me off that most of courses took too short period of time when it is not possible to get enough information, I guess. I participated in a lecture, where I asked a lecturer, who is the top professional in this branch – he told me it was Martin Jelínek... And it was the beginning. I met Martin Jelínek personally and I am grateful for that. I believe it was not the last meeting. I would like to recommend also his other courses, e.g. the Power of a Thought – anyway, nothing happens by chance :-) It wasn′t an accident that I chose course of Martin Jelínek... Try it as well, you will not regret!

Ing. Martin Skaba

I am very grateful that I could learn from Martin Jelínek. Courses, lessons, and personal consultations help me in my professional development and thanks to that I can help more of my clients. The education has very wide range so graduate can focus on kid′s diet, adult′s diet, seniors or top sportsmen.

Ales Velich

I discovered the highest value after some period of time and more experience. Complex and impartial view on quality and variety of nutrition was the highest value for me. My awareness about possibilities of evaluation and perspective on body and personality were expanded. Only body of a client knows what is the best for him – it is the greatest truth. Each person is different and went through different evolution and each person needs varied and abstemious nutrition.

Ing. Irena Lakosilova

I have been working in the branch of nutrition and connection with disease for more than 15 years. In last 10 years, my hobby became my profession. Today, our company supplies food to more than 20 nursery schools, many shops with healthy foods, companies and private persons, as well – to people, who are not indifferent to what they eat. I can say that Mgr. Jelínek fulfilled my expectations regarding holistic view on nutrition thanks to his erudition and knowledge. I broadened my know-how in nutrition, lose of weight, natural supplementation and creating menus. I can warmly recommend the course. I think that there is no analogy for complexity of this course.

Mgr. Tatana Rovnerova

I was excited about course of Martin Jelínek due to its wide range of topics that relates to nutrition. This course is unique also due to holistic perspective on nutrition, it contains mainstream conception of western medicine, but it also adds conception of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Basic information about homeopathy, natural medicine, individual diet directions or specific nutrition during various chronic diseases suitably completes mosaic of information. I was positively surprised by well-developed form of online course. And great personal approach of Martin Jelínek was an icing on the cake.

Zdenka Vlckova

I am satisfied not only with quality and form of course, but with chance of further work with Martin Jelínek and other colleagues. It′s a huge professional benefit.

Denisa Brnakova

It was a pleasure to participate in the course and meet Mr. Jelínek. For 13 years I have been working in the branch of body care and this course enriched my experience. I took part in many trainings, courses, lectures and I have to say that course of Martin Jelínek is really high-quality. I admire his scope on nutrition, health and his ability to develop and move forward. I am loyal graduate, reader of his books, and participant of other lectures.

Livia Melicharova

I was looking for course that is not one-sidedly oriented and that doesn′t deal with diets, but complex view on nutrition tailored to each of us. Courses of Martin Jelínek meet all these criteria. They were a starting point for my business in this branch. Thanks to extension courses I can move forward with support of Martin and other colleagues.

Pavla Vicarova

When my son was born, I started to be more interested in healthy lifestyle, especially nutrition of kids. I was captured by online course of Martin Jelínek that was recommended to me. I participated in two courses. I like complex view on nutrition – from perspective of Western medicine and also principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. During my maternity leave, I decided to open a center and I engage in healthy lifestyle. I can warmly recommend courses of Mgr. Martin Jelínek and I would like to participate in another courses.

Martina Rubinova

After a lapse of time, I would like to thank Martin Jelínek from the bottom of my heart for direction on my new life journey. Graduation of his course opened new professional path to me and my hobby became my main profession. This is my life victory that I am grateful for. I have my own advisory center of healthy lifestyle, I am a woman of my own. All of that is enhanced by joy of results of my “work”. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MARTIN! Modern online form of study with mind maps wasn′t hard even in the age of 40, when the brain is not used to learn. Two years ago I also started to work with bio-resonance device. During years of experience, it proved true on health results of my clients that when you connect 3 principles: change of menu + relief from health problems due to quantum waves + understanding the body and its message in the form of illness and pain, people launch new life and experience “miraculous” healing.

Zbynek Harabis

As former top sportsman, I have been interested in nutrition for more than 30 years. So I could see turbulent opinions on healthy nutrition that changed many times during the time – milky products are great example :-) Recently, huge interest wave regarding healthy nutrition emerged because of decreasing quality of foods due to price competition and because of increasing amount of modern diseases of affluence. Lobby of food-processing and pharmaceutical companies bent realistic view on appropriate purchase of foods. Advertisement is really powerful sorceress... Daily online articles regarding losing weight and nutrition put person trying to find a truth into total chaos. That′s why I chose course of Martin Jelínek, who captured me with his sport history and complex approach to nutrition. Reasonable price with respect to length of the course and lectures is also an advantage. After first hours of skepticism (generally to anything), my opinion to the course gradually changed and the turning point came at the end of the course, when the complete picture was assembled. Anyway, it is just launching pad for further knowledge that you need to gain thanks to study and communication with clients, if you want to be a nutritional advisor.

Ing. Barbora Harvisova

We consider nice to be nice, because there are things that are not nice. We consider great to be great, because there are things that are not great. Being arises from nonexistence and heavy supports light… The whole life, we play with contrasts, but how to orientate ourselves in what is healthy and what is unhealthy in today′s medial times? Basic information that should be taught at school, is missing and we depend on diet habits of our families and accessible sources. Is that right, what I know? “Simplicity and common sense” – one of the first sentences that was said in first lesson of the course of Martin Jelínek. Nothing new, I thought, but what should I do with it. Then, within daily lessons I gained a lot of information that wasn′t always easy and in the middle of the course I was thinking – what would I do next? However, at the end of the course, the circle closed itself as Martin Jelínek had said before. Today, I take the huge amount of information that I thought I could never use, as rich and valuable material that needs to be spread. Every person is individual. And everyone is on different level of his life journey and needs different care. If you think that nutrition is medicine for almost all widespread diseases and if you need to orientate yourself in this topic, welcome – this is exactly, what course of Martin Jelínek would fulfill. You will also have top professional Martin Jelínek at your disposal. He is a person, who is “by the way” able to open other topics in you that will move you as person in short period of time of several steps forward. I perceive the course as great life investment.

Lucie Mutinska

I was looking for such course for nutritional advisors that has great references, that is led by experienced professional and practician and that would provide me more than status of nutritional advisor. My requirements were higher, because I have been interested in healthy nutrition and relationship between nutrition and health for many years. I′m professionally interested in homeopathy and holistic therapy. For example, I participated in courses of macrobiotics, I was professionally baking wholegrain sourdough bread for stores with bio-food and people in wide neighborhood. I have also many years of rich personal experience with vegetarian and vegan diet. I wanted such course that would take all these circumstances into account and that would move me forward. So, my requirements were so high that common courses didn′t fit my vision of further study of nutrition. And that′s the reason, why I started to study course of Martin Jelínek. I believe that this course corresponds with high level of some respected foreign courses and I would say that it is even better due to reach into various specific topics of nutrition. I was really enthusiastic about study. It fulfilled or even exceeded my expectations in all ways. Lecturer Martin Jelínek was always open and he always tirelessly answered all our questions. He always sees a problem from various points of view, which is very inspiring and enriching for every participant. Course enriched me and inspired to finding direction that I want to walk in my professional and personal growth. Thank you again, Martin!

Petra Pokorova, DiS.

I am nutritional therapist and I was looking for other ways of education. I am very busy, so I appreciate online form of course of Martin Jelínek – combination of self-study with creation of so-called mind maps and work with ZOF. Effectively processed lessons literally drew me into given topic. I felt huge infusion of energy and desire to get more information. Today, I can see human nutrition from holistic view. I learnt basics of Ajurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I can help people, who get into blind alley of classic medicine. This course is really unique. I can warmly recommend it.

Radovan Liska

In the beginning, I was choosing between several courses regarding nutrition. After the first meeting with Martin Jelínek I was convinced that I made a right decision. He offers complex view on nutrition. I appreciate that he view everything from a scope and can cover all advantages and disadvantages of given topic. Course was very enriching and it gave me new view on nutrition. It also gave me chance to engage in nutritional consultancy in future.

Petra Glogarova

I would like to thank to Mr. Jelínek for professionally led course, willingness, and helpful approach to all clients. I can warmly recommend his course and books to anybody, who is interested in healthy lifestyle.

PharmDr. Lenka Svobodova

Course of Martin Jelínek was a great complement into mosaic of knowledge that I gained after more than 20 years as advisor in the field of health. Context that was clearly submitted to us during course helped me in my career as advisor. Various perspectives on human beings (Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, blood groups) were not totally new for me, but I really appreciated their commentary by Mgr. Jelínek. Course helped me to realize context of many things and inspired me to further changes in my lifestyle. I appreciated also online form of study, because I am very busy and I have big family. I am looking forward to further courses and I can warmly recommend them to anybody who wants to do something for his health.

Bc. Vojtech Meier

There were two reasons, why I decided to participate in course of Martin Jelínek. Firstly, today, there is chaos on the market of nutrition and nutritional consultancy because of plentiful many times irrelevant information and the number of nutritional advisors is growing. So I wanted to organize information, so I could understand context and have overall perspective. Secondly, I wanted to functionally unify my current services with knowledge in nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Course fulfilled my expectations, even though it was hard. Now I know that I made a right decision. I can warmly recommend this course to other people.

Dusan Benak

For me: course of Martin Jelínek = positive change :-). I enrolled in course because of several reasons: 1. Recommendation of lecturer Martin Jelínek, 2. On-line study, 3. Using of mind maps during study. Today, I can say that they exceeded my expectations, but the first reason was the most contributing, because I understood thanks to Martin Jelínek, how our body and mind work, and I also learnt how to use my knowledge and apply it in natural way. My first thought was to spread my trainer skills and offer better view to my players. However, Martin inspired me in so far that I started to fully engage in consulting activity and presentation of healthy foods. I believe that wide offer of courses appeals to you as well and it positively changes also your life.

Martin Jungmann

When I was deciding, which course to choose in the beginning of my advisory career, form and range of course were the most important factors. I was looking for course that I could study online and that could provide me the broadest range of information. Course of Martin Jelínek fulfilled these conditions. When I need help during my online study, Mr. Jelínek always helped me and guided me in the proper direction. I really appreciate his approach. I was also satisfied with using of mind maps that significantly help to quickly remember information in the long term. I can recommend the course to anybody, who wants to get holistic view on healthy lifestyle.

Ladislav Skarka

I was interested in this branch and I wanted to broaden my horizons. Thanks to Martin Jelínek I found out that I had some blanks in information and now I can provide better advice to my clients and family. Course was perfectly led. I am looking forward to another course.

Ingrid Bulavciakova

I graduated online course of Martin Jelínek. During the course, I gained new information about nutrition and diet. Every day we get new information and in my opinion, the course was perfectly processed. We could use teaching games and we also could consult our questions and unclearness regarding study materials. I am excited about the course and I can warmly recommend this course to anybody, who is interested in this branch. I can also recommend purchase of professional literature recommended by Mgr. Jelinek. I will definitely continue with other courses regarding nutrition.

Miroslav Vondrovsky

When choosing a course, I “bet” on lecturer Martin Jelínek. Watching his thematic lectures on internet was the initial impulse. This way I met him for the first time. I was also interested in online study from home. I hope that we will meet each other on our journey of lifelong nutritional education. I really appreciate this course as foundation stone in nutrition.

Zdenek Pochyla

The Nutritional Advisor course taught me to perceive better, how my clients create their relationship to their diet. This very important part of my profession moved me significantly forward in my profession. Thanks to that I am able to help people more successfully. I would like to say thanks to lecturer Martin Jelínek and I am grateful that I can study with him also after graduation of this course.

Ing. Renata Davidova

For many years, I have been interested in healthy nutrition in combination with exercising, relaxation and search for balanced and more tranquil life. As a result, I started to look for some self-contained course about nutrition and health. I searched on internet, and courses of Martin Jelínek captured me the most. I liked self-contained and complex orientation, reasonable duration so the student wouldn′t end up as unprepared “fast-track expert”. I also appreciate online form of study and processing of lessons using mind maps and work with ZOF, which I consider to be perfect and recommend it to my daughters as tool for their study. Course exceeded my expectations. I learnt a lot of valuable information about nutrition, supplementation and how to influence certain health problems via nutrition and how to prevent them. Lessons relating Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine were very interesting; such information provide enriching view on nutrition from different perspective. During the whole time, Mr. Jelínek provided friendly, helpful and understandable character to the course. He also professionally answered all questions I had (and his e-mail answers were very quick). Course definitely motivated me to further education in this interesting branch. I started to use gained information in my family and also as consultant.

Bc. Lubor Barta

Extent and online form of study don′t allow to rest and lead to systematic education in wide range of topics regarding nutrition, approach to life and to oneself. I can acknowledge that as well as creation of mind maps and regular tests and final work. I really appreciate approach of Mr. Jelínek within electronic communication, which is always quick and pertinent. I am also grateful for the fact that Mr. Jelínek doesn′t choose only one direction regarding care of body and mind that was developed in any part of our planet. He provides students with personal view from various perspectives and allows students to get basic information about individual approaches to nutrition and let them choose the direction that is closest to them. I can surely confirm that it was worth it to go through the study and gained information is very enriching.

Veronika Novotna

I have been interested in healthy life style for me and my family for long period of time. When I decided to change my hobby into professional work, I considered useful to get also information that I didn′t need before. In spite of broad offer of nutrition courses, it is not easy to choose such course that would meet my opinions based on recent information about nutrition. Thanks to references I could choose the right course that would provide me not only certificate, but also needed information the way that would be in accord with my knowledge. Mr. Jelínek is a person, who hands on information in a realistic way, helps us to create opinions of our own, and selflessly supports graduates of his courses on their new journey. There are just few lecturers, who are able to treat their students as equal and appreciate their strengths. Anybody, who is interested in healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle, would use this course to widen his knowledge. Many busy students would appreciate online form of the course.

Anna Brazdilova

I have been working as consultant for change of life style for many years. Suddenly, I felt that I need to participate in course for nutrition counselors, so I could know, what is taught on such courses today. When I was looking for self-contained nutrition course, I found out website of Martin Jelínek and I knew that this is it. A lot of information was new and very contributing for me. In many things I verified that my journey is right, when I approach each client individually, because everyone is unique and exceptional and there is no universal manual for nutrition that suits to anybody. Work of Martin Jelínek is great inspiration for me and I can recommend his courses and seminars, so the idea of education in nutrition, self-recognition and usage of common sense is spread. Thank you for enriching.

RNDr. Ruzena Simkova

Thanks to courses of Martin Jelínek, we (as graduates) are able to effectively solve many health problems caused by unsuitable diet that occur really often. Making mind maps showed as very funny and effective form of study. Their content is easy to remember.

Rudolf Novak

Since I have been actively working out, I had to start to be interested in what I eat and how it influenced my body. And this way, my journey to healthy lifestyle started. I realized substantial affect of nutrition on our health. I heard many opinions, read hundreds of theories, and watched many documents. Gradually, I get into the point, when I realized that I want to move forward and organize my knowledge, because all that information was chaotic. Graduation of course of Martin Jelínek liberated me. I realized importance of holistic view on nutrition, taking individuality into account, and respecting Eastern philosophies, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. In the beginning, I was afraid that the course is too extensive and contains more information I can manage. The reverse was true. At the end of course I get it and gained complex view on nutrition. Mr. Jelínek is great professional and can look at every food, situation or opinion complexly and with the mind open. I also appreciate his friendly approach and willingness to answer any question and unclearness. I can recommend the course to anybody, who is interested in his or her health.

Alena Vaclavikova

When I was looking for a course of nutritional consultancy, I went through all possible offers. However, course of Mr. Jelínek spoke to me for the first time. The inner feeling told me that it was exactly, what I was looking for. The way of learning attracted me – mind maps: I have never worked with them, but I wanted to experience that and it proved useful. It is well arranged and catchy. Chance to study at home also suited me and thanks to Advisory center, we were in constant contact with lecturer. Every day, we had topics to process that moved us to the goal. We learnt to view a person as a whole. Firstly, I took it only as addition to my work, but it totally swallowed me up, when I realized, how much we can influence health and weight via food and appropriate lifestyle. Thanks to that, I put my own healthy products into circulation. I am also grateful for contact with graduates, consultations, and chance for further education and development. I am happy that I listened to my intuition... :-)

Rastislav Bagita

After many books I bought and time I spent I found out that information was repeated many times. I was looking for source of information that would go beyond my first accredited education in health. Martin has captured me already on audios from his talks. He didn´t disappointed me at all during the course that I graduated. I was sometimes surprised by depth of provided information. I think that anybody who wants to effectively give advice to people regarding nutrition should graduate this course. Wide range of information is a great asset. Detailed information about foods, dietary supplements, nutrition during health problems and so on… you cannot find it in other courses! I am very satisfied with the course and I am going to graduate more of his courses.

RNDr. Blanka Rouckova, Ph.D.

I have been working in branch of nutritional consultancy for long period of time and I continuously educate myself from various sources. I was captured by content of course of Martin Jelínek, especially regarding range of information. Thanks to the course, I broadened my knowledge and organized things I have already known. Content of course was definitely contributing and online form was suitable for me.

Lucie Uldrychova

I found course of Martin Jelínek due to recommendation of one of his graduates. Online form of study was great advantage for me because of my place of living. Course exceeded my expectations – perfect system of education and helpful approach of lecturer combined with extremely comprehensible and catching presentation of Mgr. Jelínek. I can warmly recommend this course.

Jarmila Hokrova

In the time, when I participated in course of Martin Jelínek, I was also a graduate of many other courses regarding nutritional consulting. I was working as nutritional advisor and had my advisory center. As you know, there is many opposing information and opinions regarding nutrition and it is not easy to be well up on that. Thanks to this course I learnt how to classify the information and choose it right. It helped me with my work with clients and further professional development. Thank you so much, Mr. Jelínek.

Blanka Bartosova

I have been interested in nutrition and supplements for more than 7 years. However, I felt that something was missing so I could perfectly understand this topic. It took me long time to decide to study, because I have children, so I don′t have time to go someplace. When I found online course, I knew it was it. I am happy that I chose course of Martin Jelínek, because I get also time enough to absorb information and learn how to work with it. I found connections between individual pieces of information and it started to make sense. I also found many answers on my subconscious questions that kept me from working as nutritional advisor. Course is perfectly arranged, it is intuitive and naturally arranged. I would compare the time spent during the course and months in following courses to the first year of life of a kid, who is learning everything with facility and joy and who makes progress and who is learning via trial-and-error method (I felt that especially when I was creating menus in ZOF). I liked that it wasn′t just about tables and information, but also individuality of each person. I admire Martin Jelínek for his work, approach and quick reactions on individual e-mail questions. Thank you for everything. I can warmly recommend.

Zdenek Cervinka

I appreciate wide range of courses of various topics and chance to develop abilities in this area. I am also very grateful that I can actively work with Matin Jelínek.

Mgr. Viera Krcmarikova

Thank you so much for chance to learn so many information about nutrition and chance to open the door to other area that I am interested in. Besides my job I work as instructor of group exercising. More and more I was meeting with clients who were interested in nutritional consulting, so I decided to connect it and it was right decision. For me, it was the best choice to participate in online course of Martin Jelínek, this way I could study and work and do many other things that I am interested in. The course helped me understand, how our body and metabolism work and how nutrition can help us find the right way and solve many health problems and feel good. Information was sufficiently explained and fixed by using of theoretic information for creation of menus in ZOF teaching game with specific problems we meet in reality. I really appreciate effort to explain basic information about nutrition and many nutritional ways or philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. I graduated and “processed” the basic course and I am looking forward to further education in this area. I believe that all information that helped me will help my future clients.

Ing. Irena Kasparkova, PhD.

Thanks to course of Martin Jelínek I gained a lot of detailed information. I appreciated that he explained many issues also regarding chemical processes, which I missed in many publications I read. Finally, somebody explained to me, why it is just like that. Anybody can find something for him in this course, professional and amateur, as well. Thanks to tests and mind maps I was able to remember many things forever. I will keep engaging in nutritional consultancy in women′s gym. I think that I chose right. The course is gaining favorable response and I hope I will be a good ambassador of it.

Jaroslav Hollmann

When I started to be interested in health, I found out that every person has opinion of his own. Information from various sources differs or even contradicts. For me, it was chaotic situation and course of Martin Jelínek helped me to solve it. Thanks to holistic concept I learnt to think in wider context. I get rid of my health problems and get contributive information. I also appreciate approach of Martin Jelínek, who quickly and willingly answered my questions regarding course or other things. I can warmly recommend this course.

MgA. Erika Placha

Study on-line course of Martin Jelínek was the best choice! Topics are practically divided, advisory center works great, and individual topics and tests are perfectly processed. I complexly broadened knowledge in nutrition. I can recommend this study to anybody, who wants to change something and do something for themselves or others. Change of lifestyle is a great start of change of mind. Course helped me to move forward in my development. I would like to thank Mr. Jelínek and everybody who participate in preparation of courses.

Jaroslav Rerabek

I graduated many courses, seminars and it always improved quality of my life. However, course of Martin Jelínek absorbed me! ;-) Every day, we get new and new lessons full of information about foods and their characteristics and usage. It was totally new for me. Course was complex with support in online advisory center, via e-mail or phone. I am going to absorb and process information for several weeks :-) I was surprised that thanks to information from this course, my diabetes value went from 15 to 7 and it is just the beginning! It would be great if this information would be taught at school… thoroughly, as in the course of Mr. Jelínek! I can warmly recommend his courses – they are really extensive and full of advices! ;-)

Bc. Vendula Maresova

Nutrition and healthy lifestyle appealed me for several personal reasons. I started to look for something that could enrich me and provide self-contained information and help organize information I have already get during years of personal experience. I am grateful that I found course of Martin Jelínek that enriched me, but also gave another direction to my life. Thanks to this course I can do something that makes sense to me. Course was effectively led by Martin Jelínek, who tried to provide self-contained overview. Online form of study was also suitable for me. I also appreciate that lessons and online advisory center are still available for us after finishing the course. Anyway, it was quality start for professional nutritional consultancy and further education regarding nutrition.

Renata Havlova

It was no accident that I chose course of Mr. Jelínek. I wanted to get complex overview about nutrition and products for healthy nutrition, as well as about functions of our body and perspective of classic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. The course was full on information and I need some time to absorb it. It fulfilled my expectations.

Ing. Radomila Unarova

For me, long-term education with Martin Jelínek is huge personal and professional asset. I participated in almost all courses, long-term and one-day, as well. Thanks to them I constantly learn new information and strengthen those rooted. I successfully use all gained information in my daily practice. Definitely, I can recommend it to all people, who are interested in diet as amateurs or professionals.

Ing. Katerina Svirakova

Courses of Martin Jelínek are just phenomenal. Content and form are perfect. Every day, I can open the lesson and read what I need – even after finishing the course. I don’t have to download and save anything. Most of the topics are “daily bread” and information stated in lessons is always sufficient for orientation and understanding. Form of presentation is so elaborate that anybody can get a slice of action – beginner and advanced student, as well. Honestly, I admire ability of Martin Jelínek to select the most important information from quite complicated topic and transmit it briefly in readable and understandable form. Questions attached to individual lessons are great aid. They fabulously complete information, knowledge, and understanding of whole topic. And the audio-records are an icing on the cake. I can listen to them during sport activity or driving a car and change these activities into favorite ones. In comparison with other courses and schools, courses of Martin Jelínek gave me the most. It′s incomparable. The system is unique and very useful. I wish the list of courses is unlimited. Furthermore, personal approach of such busy person like author of all these “course delicacy” is exceptional. I can say that Martin Jelínek changed my life and this and all courses moved me unbelievably on my way.

Ing. Katerina Sanetrnikova

Within my activities relating to nutrition, I was looking for the right course that would move me forward. I am a mother of three kids, so it would be hard for me to go to any nutritional course every weekend. Finally, I found online course of Martin Jelínek that attracted me with its wide range, form of study, and perspective of various directions. Course was very useful for me and it confirmed that I walked the right direction. I deepened my knowledge in nutrition and get a lot of new information. I can warmly recommend this course to anybody, who is really interested in helping others and is not interested only in certificate.

Marek Machus

The course moved me forward as professional cook. I broaden my horizons regarding preparation of foods. I can warmly recommend this course to anybody, who likes his body and desire better and healthier life.

Renata Novakova

I have been interested in healthy nutrition since I was teenager, when I found out that I need to control my weight. I went through many periods, when I thought that I know how to manage it, but after pregnancy and problems with thyroid gland, everything changed. I was looking for information on the internet, asking my friends and so on. One year ago, something happened that moved me to what I do today. Courses of Martin Jelínek played the main role… and still play. I graduated course “Sport nutrition” a gained certificate to be able to work in this branch. Martin‛s approach helps me in further development. Complexity of information, that he provides, is unbelievable. His teaching is really sophisticated and if somebody asks me, where to get maximum information from this branch, I recommend only Martin. Today, I know, that health is not for free, that we need to work on ourselves and that is not just question of food. Any time I don‛t know the answer, I know I can find it on website of his courses. Thank you for everything.

Ing. Karolina Kallmunzerova

Permanence of courses suits me. It is great to choose specific course according to actual needs. If you are curious student, finally, you will reach hoped complexity. And that′s the name of the game.

Vladimira Vavrouskova

I have been interested in health for some period of time. I get to this issue thanks to my personal development and when I read books by Luisa Hay, I liked the perspective of disease from psychosomatic point of view. Gradually, I started to perceive diseases in a different way and when somebody said that he had some disease, it occurred to me what could be the reason of that. However, my diabetes (that I had for 5 years) was in the beginning of my way to health. I was able to gradually get rid of it, but due to my approach to nutrition it came back to my life. Last year, I decided that I would change my diet. I immediately stopped eating meat and went over to “raw till 4” and in September my values were in good order. Thanks to change of lifestyle I also get rid of other diseases (e.g. Candida). So I decided that I would help others to understand this disease – type 2 diabetes. However, I was afraid that I would hurt people so I decided to graduate course of Martin Jelínek first. I wrote every single word he said. And then I realized that I need to educate myself more to be able to safely help people. After research on the internet I decided to graduate next course of Martin Jelínek. I am happy for this decision, because the course fulfilled my expectations. I was able to understand how it works in our body, when we eat something, which is important for people with diabetes. I also realized that radical change of diet without meat and animal products, only with fruits and vegetables helped me, but it doesn´t have to work for others. I learnt to respect other people in what they eat. During study, I also admitted that dietary supplements are very important. I started to trust them, which I didn´t before the course. I also learnt about somatotypes and their nutrition. I couldn´t find such information on the internet. I also enjoyed lessons about Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, I am not decided which direction I will go. I also enjoyed technical aspect of the course. I learnt how to work with mind maps that helped me to remember lessons. However, creation of menus in ZOF game captivated me the most. I really enjoyed it. On the internet, I found various applications, but nobody has ZOF. It is simple, well arranged and it is easy and pleasant to work with it. There is also online advisory center where Martin Jelínek patiently answers questions of his students. I am looking forward to further courses of Martin Jelínek. I would like to thank for chance to study online and for sharing his experience. I can warmly recommend the course, because I was very satisfied.

Bc. Zuzana Kusnirakova

I have been interested in healthy nutrition since I was 17 years old, when I started to deal with my weight. I studied medical school and I watch with sadness the direction, where health care is going regarding nutrition, prevention, and education. I see connection between nutrition and healthy lifestyle and effect on health. I needed information and education in healthy nutrition and I found it in courses of Martin Jelínek. I like the course thanks to its complexity, general view, truthfulness and freedom from prejudice to various diets, where connection between physical body and mind resonates. I am grateful to Mr. Jelínek for his humane and professional approach. Thank you.

Veronika Markova

I chose course of Mgr. Jelínek because of well-arranged internet websites and recommendation on the internet. Today, I know that it was great decision. Using mind maps, he teaches complex and self-contained information. His approach is very professional, he teaches with positive thinking and smile. I participated also in other courses and lectures and read his books. I can really recommend it. It moved me in professional and personal life, as well.

Ivana Radova

In the beginning of course, I was afraid if I would manage individual topics. Thanks to mind maps for better learning I had no problem to finish the course and I really enjoyed this form of learning. I appreciate how lector approaches students. I am also very grateful for chance of further education led by great lecturer Martin Jelínek.

JUDr. Martina Mikolajczykova

In quest of gaining information about healthy way of diet and its possible integration to life of our family I get a lot of information from various sources, but it was not self-contained and sometimes it even made no sense. In courses of Martin Jelínek I finally found a solution. I really appreciate further extension courses that significantly deepen the knowledge.

Ing. Nicole Lukaskova, Ph.D.

I really appreciate original approach of Mr. Jelínek and his way of leading the course, orderliness, and interconnection. All his connecting and specialized courses are valuable contribution for my practice.

Alena Klozikova, DiS.

I would like to thank you for opportunity to study your course. I appreciate great organization, synoptically processed information, it was also easy to orientate in section for students. Advisory center for students is great tool, where you can find lot of answered questions, which helped me many times. Course fulfilled my expectations – I can say that, because I participated in other courses of various “institutions and nutritional academies” whose quality was terrible. If you really want to get a lot of useful information and not just another certificate, and you are looking for course of nutritional consultancy, in my opinion, this is the best choice. I cannot say that course was totally easy. You can “go through it” quite easily, but I wanted to get maximum, so I studied hard, thought about topics (which is substantial :-)), fulfilled all tasks and tests and it took lot of time. However, I don′t regret this investment. I have been nutritional advisor for several years. In the beginning, it was just hobby that started when I wanted to lose weight (18 kg). There is nothing better than experience of your own :-). Thanks to self-contained information gained in this course, I can provide better service to my clients. I would like to thank Mr. Jelínek for holistic, impartial and dutiful approach!

Martina Siudova

Course of Martin Jelínek is great way of self-realization. For one year, I worked in one company as nutrition specialist, but I needed more information. The more I was looking, the more often I was finding name of Mr. Jelínek. I started to participate in his one-day courses and seminars and started to use gained information in practice. After certain period of time, I decided to participate in his course, so I realize steps and mistakes that people do, when they don′t know. Course is very extensive and heads towards right and healthy direction that anybody should go without exceptions. Thanks to this course, I can work as advisor and fulfill my mission. Try it too :-).

Mgr. Michaela Bebova

After long searching on internet and looking for a course of nutritional consultancy that would satisfy my expectations, I found courses of Martin Jelínek. First of all, the length of course excited me, then it frightened me little bit, but finally it confirmed my assumption that I made a good decision. Course is full of information, it is professionally led and personality of Mr. Jelínek fits in it. I have to say that system of mind maps didn′t suit me, but it forced me to intensively and continuously prepare myself, which was very important. I can recommend the course – it is hard to find a person, who is able to approach to anybody and anything so objectively and complexly :-)

Ing. Sona Vybiralova

I wouldn′t believe that I would regret that the course is finished. I like the study so much. For long time, I was looking for further quality education in this area. I studied scientific discipline overlapping to medicine and I needed to improve my knowledge regarding nutrition of human organism. Course exceeded my expectations. Mr. Martin Jelínek is professional in his branch and he answered my questions during the course. Students get detailed information about complex view on nutrition, foods, their effect on body, view on diets and diseases, supplements. Furthermore, Mr. Jelínek wrote several interesting books. He is very respected person regarding nutrition, we can frequently see him as guest on TV. I can recommend his courses and I am grateful for him, he enriched me in my professional career. I also appreciate that I can stay in contact with Mr. Jelínek after graduating course and I can ask him a question. I am grateful for this course and I would like to thank for everything :-)

Mgr. Pavlina Byrtusova

Today, general knowledge only in individual aspects of nutrition is not enough, because nutrition is global (for sportsmen, children, people who want to lose weight...). Courses, seminars, trainings of Martin Jelínek provide a lot of convincing information from any area of nutrition. Range of information and presentation of Martin Jelínek are rich and varied, which is really refreshing in today′s SMS era ;-). I recommend to participate in at least one course if you want to understand nutrition, be able to help yourself and others and “not to get lost” in flood of recommended nutritional advices (not only) on internet :-)

Ing. Petr Nytra

8 years ago, when I started to work as fitness trainer, I met Martin Jelínek in the fitness center. It started by few questions that I watchfully verified and made sure that his answers were absolutely true. Many times, he told me answers that were based on information and facts that were hard to find online. In that time I realized that I found somebody, who would give me quality answers on my tricky and very specific questions regarding diet regimes and supplementation. Soon after that, I graduated his course. I can say that its relevance, facts and form of presentation totally changed my perspective on food and way of consumption. Course is balanced and detailed, but not to that extent that it would discourage you to finish it. Retrospectively, I assess it as the best possible entrance to the world of this issue supplemented with great lecturer. His speech is understandable and he is always at your disposal, when you need any answer or to solve any problem. His lifelong experience speaks for itself. Anybody, amateur or experienced person, has to recognize his approach to life, himself, and to form of study. Finally, I would like to say that today′s world and access to internet make literally jungle from this branch, so you need “machete” and experienced native to walk through it systematically and safely. I pass gained information on my clients, I am using it for myself and going on my way of education in another courses.

Hana Bourkova

It was a happy day, when I found course of Mgr. Martin Jelínek on the internet. I was looking for complex course regarding nutrition and I can say that my choice was right. Course exceeded my expectations – perfectly elaborated system of teaching, advantage of online study, great approach of Mgr. Jelínek. I can warmly recommend his courses.

Martin Linda

Regarding education, Mr. Jelínek set a standard very high. It is quality and well-developed educational system that is captivating and provides basic information regarding health and nutrition. I am grateful that I could participate in this course, because it was great experience for me from the beginning to the end. I started to educate myself in this area many years ago, but this course moved me on the new level on my journey to information about nutrition and health. It wouldn′t be so easy to manage so many information without mind maps and conscientiously processed documents and sometimes amusing presentation of information. Martin succeeded in connecting form of study with quality source of information open to various directions, and he also captured students. I can tell you lot of positive information about this course, but I think that personal experience is the best. I would like to thank again Martin Jelínek for this course and his helpful and patient approach to students.

Janik Andrzej

Course of Martin Jelínek was definitely enriching for my personality and work, as well. Thanks to this course I realized, what to do and what not to do, what we should focus on and what to omit. Mr. Jelínek is professional in every inch. Mind maps and educational game help to remember important things. I appreciate access to information in section for graduates that is great support for practical consultancy. It is great to have a professional, who can help you. Books are also huge contribution for anybody, who takes care of his health. I can definitely recommend this course.

Bc. Zuzana Hajdukova, DiS.

Two years ago, I graduated course of Martin Jelínek. After two years, I can surely say that I don′t regret it and never will, because healthy lifestyle became part of my daily life. During study, I gained a lot of information that moved me forward. I connected healthy lifestyle with sport that I am fully engaged in. I learnt a lot of useful information that I used, still use and will use in practice. Of course, I am interested in further education, so I participate in other courses of Martin Jelínek. I like the style he runs the course – the atmosphere is always calm. I admire his balance and natural intelligence with sense for leading of lectures. Whenever I need, I can ask any question and he gives me complete answer :-). I can warmly recommend courses led by Martin Jelínek. You will feel great in calm atmosphere, but you will also get so complex information that you will desire more. Thank you so much, Martin :-)

Martin Prasivka

I am not satisfied with my actual work, so I set out in direction that I am interested in and that helps people to live better lives. So I decided to graduate course of Martin Jelínek and follow this route.

Zuzana Bazalova

Mind maps and pointed main topics during study are really great – if this approach was used during my formal studies I would avoid many useless mistakes and failures. In average, one map takes more time I wish it would take, but I am getting faster and better. Ability to remember the topic this way is priceless.

Tereza Krutilova

As a mother of two kids, since the first pregnancy I have felt constant pressure. I tried to provide as good as possible nutrition habits for me and my family and to lead my kids to healthy lifestyle. Huge amount of books I studied and media “massage”, focused purposefully on future or breast-feeding moms and their conscience, didn′t help me at all. I wasn′t sure of anything and I had real mess in my head. In these courses I understood all information, get wide knowledge, and scope over this issue. However, significant change of thinking occurred. I feel great – not only thanks to losing weight – because I really appreciate that my kids are healthy. After several years of troubles with pneumonia, my kids are absolutely healthy and content – and my family with them. I am really grateful for that to Martin Jelínek. I appreciate his professionalism and his 100%, effort he gave us during the whole course and even after it. Chance of further cooperation is great asset. I am also happy for making new (not only) professional friendships with other students of the course. I want to say thank you for that and I recommend these courses!

Marcela Melicharikova

When I started the course of Martin Jelínek, I didn′t believe that I would be able to counsel people regarding diet. Even though I take care of two little children and I am dressmaker, course surprised me with its simplicity and complexity.

Mgr. Janka Blazejova

I started to be interested in healthy nutrition, when histamine intolerance was diagnosed to me. In the beginning, it was hard, even critical. This situation forced me to evaluate not just nutrition, but whole lifestyle. I get into vicious circle and I didn′t see any solution, which led to distress and depression. Radical and instant change brought success, failures and desperation. This situation bothered my life and life of my family and it was unendurable. Finally, I accepted this disease as part of my life. Thanks to help of my family I understood that it was not worth it to “cry”, that it wasn′t the right way, that I need to think rationally and activity. In that time, there was not enough information about this disease, I started to collect information about effect of nutrition on health. Gradually, nutrition captured me, so I started to look for literature, articles regarding various topics relating to foods, and various alternative therapies. I decided to graduate course of Martin Jelínek, because I wanted to understand better the topic and broaden knowledge about healthy nutrition and its effect on human health. It was the best course I could choose. Level of course is very high, content of lessons is well-processed and explains given topic. Mind maps and ZOF were important for me as well. Content of course provides knowledge about healthy nutrition and holistic perception and complex perspective on human being and I have never seen it in any other course. I appreciate approach of Martin Jelínek who is a real professional who is willing to provide advice. I also appreciate possibility of further cooperation after graduation of the course, chance to contribute to advisory center for graduates and chance for further education. Thanks to this course, I can share gained information and experience to those, who need it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Martina Sobotikova

I didn′t enroll to course of Martin Jelínek, because I would be a nutritional advisor, but because I want to eat healthily and lead my kids to healthy nutrition. There is a lot of information about nutrition, healthy lifestyle and so on. Sometimes even too many… so it is hard to orientate in it. In the course, I found that information that was synoptically provided within individual lessons. Course contains also topics that I would never think about. Course broadened my horizons. Thanks to information, my eyes were open and I realized my faults in nutrition. Support during study was above standard. I could ask online any question, I always get something new, sometimes surprising, and always enriching. Thank you.

Roman Korinek

I am interested in nutrition regarding nutritionally valuable food. I chose the course thanks to personality of Martin Jelínek. I have been watching his work for five years. Course helped me to understand wider context regarding generally known facts and also feelings that my body experiences in various physical regimes and phases of a day. Students of the course get a lot of interesting information and are led by the method of “more views” on each issue, which is great advantage of the course (lecturer) – it is enriching and usable in all areas of thinking. Thanks to this course I found out that nutrition can be professional and simple issue at the same time.

Ing. Vladimir Synac

I verified influence of diet change, when I succeeded to cure prostate gland cancer via change of thinking, diet and supplements, without any medicaments, operation, or irradiation. I choose course of Martin Jelínek to deepen my knowledge and be able to eruditely give advices and because I have been watching Mgr. Martin Jelínek for several years. I think he is the best nutritional advisor and we also have same opinions on nutrition and holistic medicine. His online course exceeded my expectations regarding range of information. I can warmly recommend it to anybody, who wants to take responsibility for his or her health into own hands and if possible, to avoid doctors whose mistakes and side effects of medicaments are the third most frequent cause of death in U.S. I am sure that I will participate in another extension course.

Mgr. Margita Mikatova

I work as nurse on cardiological outpatients′ department and I meet with people with many health problems. Besides overweight also high blood pressure, diabetes, higher level of cholesterol, various digestive problems, sleep disorders and psychological problems. Hardly any of them realizes that most of these problems can be caused by wrong nutritional habits. They prefer using pills for each problem, instead of changing of their lifestyle. I decided to study nutrition, so I would be able to help and give advice to those, who want to do something good for their health. Today, there is a lot of information about nutrition and it is hard to choose the right one. Course of Mr. Jelínek suited me in all respects. I appreciate especially online form of study and amount of information regarding various topics. I have to admit that it was hard to manage such huge amount of information. It took me a lot of time and everyday study to manage so many new information and prepare mind maps and processing of tasks in ZOF, which is hard to do with all everyday engagements, but it was worth it. I appreciate approach of Mr. Jelínek and his colleagues, who quickly answered any question. I like the website, I like to read news and especially favorite “School of healthy cooking”. I will watch courses on offer and choose another one.

Ludmila Koplikova

Schedule of the course is composed the way that even me, in the age of 70, I was able to manage it without any problem. And I proved that it is never late to learn. I would compare participation in the course to agreeable adrenalin sport – work, excitement, and also fear of test results and subsequently joy of good result. I really appreciate Advisory center for students that serves as source of very valuable information.

Petra Mensikova

Mr. Jelínek, I would like to thank you for chance to educate myself under your leadership in the branch of nutritional consultancy. Unlike my formal studies, I was looking forward to every lecture and I am grateful for this experience and useful information. Definitely, it wasn‛t the last course with you and I look forward to next meeting ;-). I also appreciate your helpfulness when answering our curious questions and your effort to motivate graduates of your courses on their way and support them within your possibilities – this way you make the investment into course insignificant, because it returns back many times! I wish you good times and thank you for this experience!

Ing. Dana Balcarova

I will never regret that I enrolled to the course of Martin Jelínek. I am still tingling when I think about the day. It was essential for me: I grew mature! I was literally drinking in every lesson and gradually started to understand, how our organism works, what we can affect and how blind we often are. It is exactly what I needed: to understand!!! It moved me forward. I am happy that I can help my friends and set menu to anybody according to his wishes and his goals. I am happy to share gained knowledge, even though my original profession is different and for now, I cannot be fully engaged in nutrition. I would like to thank for comprehensible and complex introduction to this issue. It changed my life to better.

Ing. Renata Robkova

I have to say that the course was great. Perfectly prepared topics were very enriching and if you had any problem, you would get explanation. I would recommend the course to all people, who think about what they eat and take care of their healthy lifestyle. I am looking forward to next courses that will be enriching, as well. Finally, I have never met such expert as you are :-), who is able to find an answer for any question. 

Jirina Mackova

For many years, I have been interested in healthier lifestyle with everything that belongs to it... I was collecting all pieces of information and finally I had only chaotic labyrinth. So I was looking for some course that would show me the right way. I found courses of Martin Jelínek on internet. I said to myself that I would try it. Outline of the course and holistic approach to nutrition attracted me. In the beginning, I had problems with mind maps, but I have to say that I get to like them quickly. I also appreciate view on nutrition from perspective of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and macrobiotics. If you plan a course about Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I am interested! I am happy to choose this course. I appreciate approach of Mr. Jelínek, his helpfulness and willingness. Experience and valuable advices that I gained in this course will help to my health and health of my family, but also of my future clients. Thank you so much and I wish you many excited students.

Lenka Mouchova

I appreciate such course that provides latitude for study. There is great occurrence of health problems caused by unsuitable nutrition and as graduates, we can help to show the right way that can lead to better life. Educational method of mind maps creation is very entertaining and effective (even though I was afraid of them in the beginning), because it is easier to remember their content. If you decide for this course, you will find more utilities :-)) I can warmly recommend this course.

Bc. Dagmar Pekova, BSBA

When I was thinking about organizing information of healthy nutrition that provides energy to body and soul, and wish to pass my knowledge, I was looking for a course that would connect these demands. I know about course of Martin Jelínek from several sources that were very positive. Anyway, it wasn′t so unequivocal for me, but something drew me in. During the first lesson I realized that I am on the right place and my decision was right. This feeling didn′t change, but deepened. Course contains a lot of information, but it is very comprehensible and amusing. I want to thank Mr. Jelínek for all information and genuine approach and support in my next professional branch, e.g. in the form of quick answer on my questions :-)

Bc. Martin Karvas

It was my initiative to study this course, because I stared to realize that nutrition is crucial factor in emergence or elimination of health problems. I knew Martin Jelínek via his lectures and several books that captured me with their simplicity and expertise at the same time. So I decided to study course that should be quality and this course meets this requirement. In my opinion, it greatly connects knowledge of Western medicine with Eastern medicine. On one hand it respects important information of Western medicine, but on the other hand it doesn′t omit millennial knowledge of Eastern cultures, Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine. To learn how to approach rationally to things that you can influence on the daily basis and form the lifestyle based on these principles is priority of this course. So this course is not like medicine that would temporarily suppress pain or solve one problem. It is mainly method teaching us, how to focus on causes, understand them and solve them forever. I can enthusiastically say that this course provided me adequate foundation in nutrition and I can build on it.

Mgr. Jana Filipovicova

Enriching. This is the best word. I have been interested in health for long period of time. In spite of that I gained new information and this course motivated me to think more creatively. I was captured by sophisticated and simple system of teaching. I also appreciate chance to consult various questions during the course as well as in future. Real practice is ahead of me. It was worth it to invest.

Miriam Onyedumbi

I can say that course of Martin Jelínek saved my life. For many years, I tried to heal very severe and aggressive disease. I was reading a lot, searching, hoping, trying and when I started to lose hope, I found this course. I am very grateful for that and I will always recommend it. I gained a lot of new information and what I have already knew that proved to me. Thanks to this course, I can see everything more objectively and more clearly. I met kind and reliable people. Thank you!

Mgr. Vera Stadnikova

Courses of Martin Jelínek are not just about food, but holistic approach to the body, mind, and our healthy lifestyle. Course contains also Eastern concept of nutrition from the perspective of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Martin Jelínek practically connects them with our Western way of life. Need of harmony between food and our whole life is emphasized, so it is pleasant and good for living. It goes from the bottom of my heart! Volume of information exceeded my expectation, in spite of that I felt comfortably during study. I really appreciate support of Martin Jelínek during the study and finishing it.

Jan Shejbal

For a long period of time, I tried to find a course that I could manage while working. For me, regular participation on lectures is out of the question, so I tried to find some course I could study online. When I found courses of Martin Jelínek, the choice was clear. In the beginning, the course seemed demanding, gradually I found a system and started to be interested in nutrition besides content of course. Since that time, I haven′t any problem with study. During the course, I had to go to London for one month and didn′t have time to study. I was surprised that length of study was lengthened for me without any problem, so after return I could start where I had ended. This course was enriching for me and it broadened my horizons especially regarding alternative diet. I would like to thank Martin Jelínek for this course and I can warmly recommend it to others.

Eva Sulcova

It was a great decision to participate in course of Martin Jelínek. Course offers unbelievable amount of information and verifying of knowledge via tests that forced me to really read the topics and make an effort to understand them. We could also use great game for bringing new information into practical menu. I would like to thank Mr. Jelínek and his team and I wish you many satisfied students.

Ing. Alice Mertensova

Course of Martin Jelínek changed my life and life of my family. For many years, I was looking for the right way, how to feel great, to be satisfied with my figure, and to do something for my immunity and health of my friends and relatives. This course seemed to be the right for me and during first weeks it confirmed, what I had expected. Thanks to this course, I understood basic information about operation of human body, health and influence of foods on health, but I also took a look at many other areas regarding nutrition. It helped me to start to help not only to me, but also to my relatives and friends, and also to public. Course was great and self-contained foundation for further education in nutrition and supplementation. I would warmly recommend it to anybody, who is not indifferent to his health.

Lucie Capkova

I am very satisfied with courses, holistic approach of Martin Jelínek and his effort to show that well-selected diet can influence physical and mental state of individual suit to me. He leads us to think in broad context, independently and individually. As former fitness competitor I was on diets that weren′t beneficial to my health. Mr. Jelínek showed me, how to adjust these diets so they don′t harm the health. I really recommend well-founded and humane approach of Mr. Jelínek.

Lisa Noskova, DiS.

I chose courses of Martin Jelínek, because I am interested in alternative ways of nutrition and I wanted to learn more about nutrition. Online course was great solution for me, because I travel a lot. I liked the study and it exceeded my expectations. I would like to thank Martin Jelínek for holistic, original and professional approach. I also appreciate that after graduation of course, we can use online advisory center. Course enriched me and changed my life to better. I can warmly recommend!!

Maria Rusnakova

I choose course of Martin Jelínek after thorough survey of market. Regarding range and information, this course was unrivalled, so my decision was easy and unequivocal. Course gave me exactly, what I was looking for, overall view on nutritional consultancy issue. I was pleased by information of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and vegan and vegetarian issue. During study, I had access to Advisory center for students that I used and I was surprised, how many interesting information I found there. If I should decide again, I would not hesitate.

Mgr. Katerina Balcarova

I enrolled to the course as new vegan in the beginning of gravidity. I expected that the course will provide me certainty that everything I do regarding diet is ok, that it will give me further motivation and overall view on nutrition (not only vegan) and its affect on health. I regretted that I couldn′t meet a lecturer personally. Finally, it wasn′t problem regarding study, because he devoted to us maximally in on-line Advisory center and quickly answered our e-mails. I am grateful also for webinars. Now, I am not interested in professional consulting, but I frequently counsel my friends and acquaintances. Information gained in this course is very useful. I feel that people start to realize connection between health and nutrition and that they will search for nutrition professionals not only because of weight, but especially because of improving their health. In my opinion, this is the heart of course led by Martin Jelínek.

Zuzana Markova

When I was looking for online courses about nutrition, courses of Martin Jelínek attracted me thanks to wide range of topics that contained also “alternative” view on nutrition. From the first lesson I knew that I have chosen well and I was looking forward to every day and new information. Even though topics were scientific, it was easy to learn them. I really appreciate personal contributions of Martin Jelínek regarding nutrition, his individual and holistic view, and willingness to communicate with students and graduates of the course so we can develop our knowledge. I didn′t like learning for running tests :-), but I really appreciated that during preparation for final test. Thank you again for interesting and intensive period of my life.

Vera Michlikova

Even though I prefer live consultations, I was satisfied with the course and get used to online form. I appreciate that you don′t prefer only vegetarianism, raw foodism and so on, but you also think about people who want to eat “normally”. I don′t like extreme situations, so I enjoyed your approach. With your sense of humor, study was a pleasure. I want to continue to study and I would like to participate in your other course, but now I am too busy… maybe next year. I would like to thank you for contributing information and I am looking forward to further courses.

Bozena Kratzerova

I believe that there is no chance event in life. I was on maternity leave and during reading news on internet I saw an advertisement on courses of Martin Jelínek. After several such ads I went into the website and started to be excited. For several years, I have been giving recipes of wholegrain desserts, vegetable foods and tips on therapeutic foods to my friends, but I had no certificate for it – just huge amount of books in my library :-) Course with Martin Jelínek is great experience. I learnt context that I missed. I met many people with the same attitude of mind. I started to believe that I can accomplish my dream and become nutritional advisor in future, because after finishing the course, you can consult your questions, so you have further support when you start your own professional practice. I can warmly recommend this course to anybody, who has the same dream as I have.

Mgr. Petr Marsoun

Even though I have been interested in healthy nutrition for many years, I missed self-contained education that would fill in information gaps. I am happy to choose course of Martin Jelínek. I get a lot of information not only about nutrition. Approach of Martin Jelínek is inspiring and the course is very interesting. Atmosphere of the course was really pleasant. I really appreciate that with the end of course cooperation doesn′t finish, but it continues thanks to section for graduates. For sure, it wasn′t my last course with Mgr. Martin Jelínek.

Ing. Radka Ondruskova

Course of Martin Jelínek was very intensive and gave me a lot of important information within short period of time, I brushed up some information and get some new. I really appreciate that your view on nutrition is multilayered, without dogma, and arranged to one logical complex. Thanks to ZOF game I could try how I can use theoretic information during cooking. After graduation the course, I feel more confident in my actual work in school boarding. In future, I would like to enroll to more extensive course.

Radek Hub

I was always interested in nutrition and how nutrition can change quality of live. I hungered for more information and knowledge. Thanks to this course, I gained even more. I get all information handed on silver plate. I learnt how to work with it, how to apply it and how to understand it in context. Course is absolutely complex and very synoptic at the same time. Mgr. Martin Jelínek, who I consider to be one of the greatest nutritional professionals in our country, uses simple common sense and he is not afraid to call a spade a spade, if necessary. He is able to explain even complicated chemical reactions in the body, so even a small child understands it. I have to say that even though I wouldn′t use this course for future consultancy, gained information and its understanding are priceless for me and my family. It was the best investment I have ever done.

Klara Vosalikova

Course of Martin Jelínek is very enlightening and thanks to its content, it significantly influenced diet and overall view on nutrition of my family and close friends. Information is given gradually and we had time enough to repetition while creating mind maps. During the course, we had space enough to create view of our own and Mr. Jelínek supports that, especially when answering questions of his students. Whether you plan to be a professional or you just want to get new information, this course is a great starting point. I would like to thank Mr. Jelínek, his assistant and the whole team for obliging approach. I am looking forward to next meeting.

Tatana Juricova

Even though I graduated course that authorized me to work as nutritional advisor before, I had a feeling that the information is not sufficient and I was looking for other source of information. Course of Martin Jelínek exceeded my expectations. I was delighted by complexity of information and personality of lecturer and way of study. I really appreciate a chance of further cooperation with Martin Jelínek in cases, when I am not sure, so I would not harm anybody. I am grateful for support of such professional.

Hana Dlubalova

Course led by Martin Jelínek was really enriching experience. I received great information and knowledge and thanks to that I see food and relating healthy lifestyle as a whole. As is often the case on courses, new friendships arose. I really appreciate colleagues, today friends, walking the same way of healthy life. I would like to thank them this way for our fulfilling and inspiring cooperation not only on professional level, but within personal life, as well. Thank all of you, who share the same world with me :-)

Ing. Martin Pala

I have been interested in nutrition and healthy lifestyle for several years. After finishing my studies of food chemistry and biotechnology on Chemical Faculty, where I get just little information about nutrition, I was searching for course that could move me forward. Course of Mgr. Martin Jelínek captured me by complex perspective on nutrition (connection of Western science and principles Eastern philosophies). Thanks to this course I started to perceive health from more points of view. I also appreciate holistic approach that emphasizes view on human being as a whole, including emotions and environment, where we live. Studying was amusing thanks to creation of mind maps. I also appreciate practical information we get. Course fulfilled my expectations. Thank you.

Katerina Peckova

I appreciate professionalism of Martin Jelínek and great form and organization of the course. I am extremely satisfied with whole course and its atmosphere. I am looking forward to further cooperation.

Bc. Shanti Simkova

Courses of Martin Jelínek are one of many milestones on the way of self-development of a person who is interested in what he or she provides to his body. I have been vegetarian for 17 years. I have been interested in healthy nutrition for a long period of time and except for few study topics (not interesting for me – but who can please everyone) I learnt many useful information. People more listen to advice of certificated professional than man or woman “only” with 17 years of experience, so now, thanks to this course, I can “cavil at people professionally” :-). I am also grateful for further education and other courses.

Petra Kramarova, DiS.

When I was searching for course of nutritional consultancy, I found references on the internet and they immediately decided!! :-) As mother on maternity leave I was happy for on-line study, so I can participate in the course from home. I can recommend this course to anybody, who is interested in healthy lifestyle. During 6 months, I get a lot of information and enjoyed learning... It is a pity that the course is finished… I would like to thank to Mr. Jelínek and his team for helpfulness and patience when answering our questions, and also for great organization work.

Mgr. Vendula Ptackova

I have been interested in healthy nutrition for long period of time. As pharmacist I meet many patients, who want to solve their situation also in a different way than taking many drugs. I decided to study the course after birth of my daughter, because I needed more complex view on nutrition. During the course, I realized many connections and get information about nutrition from different views. I would like to thank Mr. Jelínek for his approach and positive energy that motivated us to further study and thinking about things from different point of view.

Ing. Marketa Bartonova

I haven′t been indifferent to nutrition for long period of time. After my first son was born (and recently second), this need was enhanced. I received various information about suitable food for our body, but thanks to course of Martin Jelínek it gained the right dimensions. I get detail and self-contained information about important foods and supplements and their functions in our body. Creating of mind maps was very interesting and natural form of study. However, it required active approach and discipline. During the course, I have already used acquired information within my family. Time will tell where this inspiring courses and information would lead me! :-)

Mgr. Jana Bytcanekova

After long consideration, I decided to participate in course of Martin Jelínek; I was looking for something like that, but nothing captivated me as this course. It has all features of quality course – it is long-term and intensive at the same time; online form allows to study at my rate, but everyday adding of three lessons doesn′t allow postponing of mind maps preparation and study itself. System of mind maps suits me. I already had experience with it. Texts to study are quite brief, but rich for information. I appreciated alternative perspectives and using principles of Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thanks to them, I confirmed, what I did intuitively before that. Now, I don′t work in the branch of nutritional consultancy, I just give advice to my family members or friends. In future, I would like to realize my potential in this area with emphasis on holistic approach to people. Even though I know that it is a question of lifelong education and constant work on myself, course of Martin Jelínek gave me solid foundation to build on. For sure, I will choose another course – I have at least three favorites.

Eva Bartosova

I have been interested in nutrition and diet supplementation for more than 7 years. However, I thought that I missed something that could connect and help better understand this issue. It took me long time to decide to study, because I have kids and I didn´t have time to go anywhere. When I found course about nutrition that I could study online, that was it. I am happy that I chose course of Martin Jelínek, because I had time enough to absorb information and learn how to use it. It started to make sense and I found many answers to my subconscious questions that kept me from working as full-time nutritional advisor. The course is perfectly, intuitively, and naturally prepared. I can compare study to the first year of life of a baby who learns everything with ease, joy and makes huge progress and learns using trial-and-error method (which I experienced especially during making menus in ZOF game). This course wasn´t only about information and tables, but also about individuality of each person, which I really appreciated. I admire Martin Jelínek for his work, approach and his ability to quickly answer individual questions via e-mail. Thanks for everything. I can warmly recommend it.

Mgr. Renata Mikova

Within my work that is also my hobby I am engaged in writing articles about nutrition, exercising and personal development. I am in touch with many fitness trainers and nutritional advisors. Unfortunately, besides real professionals there are also people, who participated two-weekends training and their knowledge, approach to clients and monotonous diet plans without taking respect to individuality correspond to that. That provoked me to get more information, but in a different way. I decided to find a course that would help me to organize information in my mind and see nutrition without prejudice. I was looking for a course that wouldn′t provide just certificate, but real education and relevant information. I heard about courses of experienced nutritional professional Mgr. Martin Jelínek. When I read information about course and references of its graduates, I knew that was it. I enrolled and I have never regretted. After finishing the course, I made the first menu of my life within seminar paper, even though one month before end of course I was scared of that. Creation of menus became my hobby. I am looking forward to participate in further courses of Martin Jelínek, because I think that this course was just a beginning. I am sure that if anybody wants to be really good nutritional advisor, even on the level of “hobby”, he or she has to constantly study. What did I appreciate the most on the course? First of all, holistic approach to nutrition and lecturer′s effort to lead students to use their knowledge and common sense when creating diet plans. He also led us to create personalized diet plans for each client – to take blood group, health problems, thermical effect or acid-base effect of foods on human organism into account. I also appreciate form of study – using mind maps within processing the lessons. This way, I learnt a lot and monthly test are great help. It forces me to study regularly. I am also grateful for chance to unlimitedly use Advisory center for students and graduates, where Mr. Jelínek answers our questions. I would like to thank him for great information and approach to students.

Mgr. Andrea Hruskova

I am a mother of 7-years-old girl, so I think about food for her daily so it is tasty, balanced and healthy. Information gained in Nutrition of Children course helped me to solve this situation. I appreciate complex view of MartinJelínek on this topic and well-processed content of course.

Martin Cidlinsky

This course helped me not only in professional development, but I think that the method of learning is one of the most effective I have ever seen. This concept is great opportunity how to complexly develop oneself in diet consulting.

PharmDr. Jana Strieglerova

Courses of Martin Jelínek were great inspiration for me. I gained practical and comprehensive advices. I appreciate his professional approach, organizational abilities, and ability to stay on top of things in life. To have a lecturer who lives and practices, what he teaches, is the best that students can desire. I gained holistic view on nutrition, health, and healthy lifestyle. I draw on that in my personal as well as professional life. My family accepted it and healthy nutrition is commonplace for us for many years.

Ing. Petr Novotny

Almost the whole life, I desire to discover various aspects of complex view and effect of different factors of human health, e.g. relationship between physical state and emotional influence or physical exercising or nutrition and so on. For more than 20 years, I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis. Coeliac disease joined later. It forced me to focus on factors stated above. With the last mentioned factor – nutrition, I had many years of practical experience on my body or gained from my friends. I knew I could listen to my body and provide it, what it actually needs. Thus, I don′t need any drugs, but I wasn′t always sure if my thoughts and actions were suitable in long-term. After long consideration and evaluation, I felt that course of Martin Jelínek would provide complex approach and I would improve my knowledge. And it happened. Course represented wide spectrum of views and influences of nutrition on human organism and it was also great information gate to the world of nutrition. In the world full of disinformation regarding nutrition, course fulfilled my expectations regarding arguments and improved my state of health. This is crucial, because I can devote myself to family, sport and work in heath. Regarding time and amount of information, course can be managed also in case of other work or other activities. I was positively surprised by speed of answers on many of my questions and further service after the end of the course. Today, I can say that thanks to my long-term experience and thanks to this course, I can give advice not only to me, but also to other people. I am looking forward to further cooperation.

Gabriela Novakova

I was really satisfied with content and presentation of course that I participated this May. I get a lot of interesting (sometimes even surprising) information regarding nutrition and health. Self-study and work with teaching game ZOF suited me. I have to say that Mr. Jelínek is professional with broad view and I like his desire to try new things.

Ing. Vaclav Solansky

I was looking for a course that would unite and organize my knowledge about health and nutrition. Today, decision paralysis occurs – internet and other sources churn out large amount of information that is hard to orientate in. I was looking not only for solid information, but also the right person with long-term practical experience, lector, who does, what he says. Martin Jelínek, who is a lecturer of the course, is the right person who meets these parameters. Meeting him exceeds limits of this course, because nothing ends with the end of course. On the contrary, cooperation starts on the way to better and healthier life of all of us. If you decide to walk this ways, it would be the best investment of your life.

Robin Jastrzembski

I met Martin Jelínek many years ago as lecturer of natural supplements. His talks were enriching thanks to holistic view on healthy lifestyle. When I found his course, for me, it was clear choice how to develop myself. I appreciate the most the chance to study from home, processing of mind maps, professional form of each lesson comprehensible for general public, and possibility to consult with Martin Jelínek, who is ready to help. Thank you so much and I can warmly recommend.

Mgr. et Mgr. Bohuslav Sedlacek

When I decided to enroll at the course of Martin Jelínek, I expected that new doors of knowledge would be opened. However, more things happened. I found more areas of nutrition. During the study, I discovered variety of approaches to nutrition and I also found out, how many things I didn′t know. I appreciate variety of the course. It leads to more questions and motivates to further study, searching and discovering. Regarding practical things, I appreciate also online form of study supported by chance to ask questions in case of any unclearness.

Romana Glen

Course of Martin Jelínek is useful form of learning for anybody, who wants to widen his knowledge regarding nutrition or to learn something new in this branch. It is not important, whether you plan to use the information professionally or only for your own needs. I studied on-line form of the course and I have to say that this form is great, because I am very busy and this way, I can organize it according to individual needs. Course was definitely contributive. I would recommend the course to anybody, who is interested in healthy lifestyle, but also to those, who don′t have strong will to decide and change their lifestyle to be better. Thank you, Mr. Jelínek that you share valuable information.

Mgr. Barbora Souckova

For the first time, I encountered information about connection between way of life and effect of unhealthy lifestyle on health during my studies on Secondary Medical School. I was looking for course that would help me to summarize and unify sketchy information that comes to us. I found courses of Martin Jelínek that are very well arranged and logically connected. I appreciate concept of study that is focused on nutrition influencing our health from many points of view. I use gained knowledge in my professional life and also as mother of thee little boys.

Jan Travnicek

As many advisors, in the beginning I was trying to save my own health. During the time, I brushed up old and forgotten medicine discoveries and based on clinical studies, I started to prepare functional preparations for “cleaning intestine with active oxygen”, “detoxification of blood” and so on. However, there is no drug or preparation that could replace healthy balanced diet, exercising and positive thinking. Courses of Mr. Jelínek contain all compounds of our life based on experience, feedback from clients, and confirmed by physical examinations. I have many various certificates and accreditations, but for my career, certificate from Mgr. Jelínek is the most useful. I really appreciate his friendly approach and fact that after finishing the course, he still helps his students.

Bc. Tereza Kurfirtova

Today, the offer of courses is very wide and when signing up on the internet, one can be afraid. When I found course of Martin Jelínek, I decided to enroll after I had saw him in television. His presentation was natural and comprehensible in the TV as well as during the course. I appreciate the form of study that is based on almost everyday learning and tasks that force student not to postpone lessons. I would like to thank Mr. Jelínek for complex perspective on human being that is close to me. Body is the most perfect “machine” that can be destroyed due to one small mistake. So it is interesting and very important to expand knowledge, ideally from various views. Course broadened my view on health, because it familiarizes students with classic Western thinking and also Eastern thinking.

Hana Vasickova

My dream is to live healthy life. It was one of the reasons why I decided to participate in the course of nutritional consultancy. When I found courses of Martin Jelínek, it has been decided. And definitely, I don′t regret! I really appreciate online study and system of mind maps. Thanks to that, learning was a game. I enjoyed also provided space and extension courses.

Lenka Cozlovschii

To graduate course of Martin Jelínek was one of the best decision I have ever made. I have celiac disease and lactose intolerance and I thought that I knew something about nutrition, because I was forced to intensively deal with food daily. However, I cannot even describe how much I moved in the area of general overview of nutrition at the end of course. Formerly, I couldn´t separate what was the truth and untruth, but today, I am able to deduce what could be truth. So it is easier for me to be versed in information that is accessible today. I think that education in nutrition is lifelong process, so I cannot say that I know everything. However, now I know what is right as well as why it is right and it is more important than blindly take someone´s advice. In the end, I regretted that the course is finished and didn´t continued, because my desire for education in this field is hundred times bigger than in the beginning. I am grateful for that to great lecturer and author of this course: Mgr. Martin Jelínek.

Tomas Krivanek

I am happy that I could study course of Martin Jelínek. I gained important information. I put many of his advice into reality in my personal life and I am going to use them in my career as well. Thank you so much.

Alena Rudolf Honolkova, DiS.

I found course of Martin Jelínek “by chance”, when I was looking for nutritional advisor close to my home. I was captured by offer of courses, content and form of study. Thanks to graduating this course I gained very broad view in the area of nutrition and body operation. I really enjoy this topic and I am interested in it, so I decided to continue in this branch professionally. I appreciate professional leading of course. The view into nutrition is really complex from various perspectives. The offer of other courses is also interesting, so I will participate in them in future to improve my skills.

Gabriela Marsalkova

As young woman I have never deal with foods, but as a mother I started to take up interest how to eat properly and what to give to children, so they have everything they need – especially in today′s world full of ready-to-cook food, carbs, and artificial ingredients. When we started to work with supplements, this interest changed into desire to know as much as possible about basic human need. Thanks to Martin Jelínek I didn′t get only bare facts about food, but also complete and self-contained view on nutrition and impact of what we eat or do not eat on our existence. His approach to education is unique and I can warmly recommend his courses!

Pavel Skurek

It was a pleasure to work with you. I was captured by your holistic approach and in my opinion, healthy perspective on actual situation in nutrition of people. I appreciated your professional approach to information you provided us. I know that you are vegetarian and I have to admit that I was afraid that this fact would influence the course. It proved that my worry was useless. You won my trust in this branch. Hats off!

Jana Merenusova

I saw Martin Jelínek for the first time on some lecture, where I was fascinated by his interpretation of difficult topics that made sense thanks to him. I feel like every discussion, seminar, or course is over in no time and you have so many questions and desire to educate yourself that you need to continue with his amazing courses. Mr. Jelínek and his perfect system of teaching are very enriching. You feel like you learnt how to learn. You feel like someone perk you up and you have energy to fulfill your dreams and goals in any age :-). Thank you and I am looking forward to next courses.

Petra Fenclova

I chose course of Martin Jelínek after detailed searching on internet. I have to say that I found the highest quality and the most extensive course on the market. Course is actual, modern: online version suited me well, because I didn′t have to go anywhere during the course and look for babysitting for my kids. Instead of spending time during travelling I could use the time for studying. It is a great advantage and today, in times of internet communication, it is easy also for any computer user. If you need extra consultation, you can communicate with Martin Jelínek, who reacted immediately and answered all my questions. Course is understandable also for amateurs and holistic view on nutrition is unique. And graduation of the course is not the end! Martin Jelínek offers continuing or extension courses. Thank you for that. I am happy that I decided to participate in this course and successfully graduated. Course helped me to get information about nutrition that I use in my personal and professional life. For all those, who still hesitate, I have short advice: Enroll and you will never regret!

Katerina Budinska

When I chose course of Martin Jelínek, I was interested in chance to study alternative ways of nutrition, as vegetarianism, veganism, and principles of traditional Chinese medicine. I was surprised by approach and great atmosphere during meetings. I am also grateful that I chose this very course. I had a chance to see nutrition from many views, which was really contributive. I would like to thank again and I am looking forward to further cooperation.

Ing. Jan Stepan

I have to admit that even the first meeting with Martin Jelínek was entrance to new world. This course opened my eyes and above all allowed me to provide my family suitable foods and health care. In my surroundings I often hear that somebody died at the age of 50 or even less. Heart attack, cancer, stroke… Thanks to this course we know, how to precede these problems and eliminate up to 80 % of risk of untimely death. What I appreciate the most is a chance to cooperate with Martin, in my opinion, leading professional on health.

Mgr. Petra Ponocna

I have been interested in alternative nutrition and health for many years. When some of my friends started to ask me questions about nutrition, I decided that it could be great to participate in quality professional training and graduate in nutritional consultancy. I wanted to learn something new regarding nutrition and health. I am interested in holistic approach to health and I don′t like black and white views of world, so I wanted to choose such course that would at least partially comply with my opinion and that would be critical, complex and professional enough. To my delight, course of Martin Jelínek fulfilled all my requirements. Now, I understand more nutrition and supplementation and I learnt a lot of new and important information. Course enriched me also in the area of personal growth. Course is full of information and contains also lessons of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Using educational materials, Mr. Jelínek led us to complex thinking over the problem, no matter if it was disease, food or supplement issue. I also appreciate his unique approach, effort, and willingness to give advice and help. I would like to thank him and I am looking forward to further cooperation.

Radka Hazuchova

I have been professionally interested in nutrition for more than 20 years. I am nutritional advisor and cook of natural foods. Personally, I don′t promote any diet, it is always about life balance of each person. I participated in online course of Martin Jelínek “Nutrition of Children” that helped me round out my information focused on children who are our future. I would like to thank Martin Jelínek for valuable course that is well arranged. I can warmly recommend it. Food therapy has one great side effect: health that we need to earn by our behavior and approach to life. Enjoy your life!

Ing. Jakub Zatecka

Even though I was little bit skeptical in the beginning of the course and didn′t know what to expect, I can say that I am happy to graduate this course with Martin Jelínek. For me, it is huge asset, it is composed synoptically, simply, it contains a lot of important information for anybody, who wants to develop his knowledge regarding nutritional consulting. I am looking forward to next courses with Martin. I really appreciate him and consider him to be absolute professional and person in place.

Mgr. Pavlina Knittlova

I would like to thank Mgr. Martin Jelínek for self-contained view on diet and nutrition. He taught us how to approach complexly to clients – it is the only long-term way. Thanks.

Ing. Jan Kopanicak

Course of Martin Jelínek enriched me. I have never seen so many various views on nutrition without preference of any of them as the only right. I felt an effort to lead graduates to see things from various perspectives without condemning any diet philosophy beforehand, but to search for possibilities and areas, where problems could be solved from more views. I can warmly recommend such complex, interesting, catching, practical and extensive course for nutritional advisors.

Mgr. Pavla Styskalova DiS.

I am happy to participate in your course. I appreciate your knowledge, sagacity and that you constantly work on you and beat “obdurate dogma”. Thanks to your course I gained view regarding nutrition. Now, I just need to transform the theory into reality. It is possible. Slowly but surely I am outdoing myself, my laziness in preparing food and I try to think more about food for me and my family. It seems like yesterday, when I started to drink in your thoughts. There were also times, when it was harder to concentrate myself or I was lazy. In spite of that, it attracted me to learn more and more new information about nutrition and various views on it. Thank you for final encouragement and patience, when I was finishing the course later due to family reasons.

Juliana Hulejova

I am really happy that I chose these courses. I get everything I needed. Thanks to chance to communicate with Martin Jelínek, real expert, I understood inconsistent information I gained during several years of self-study of nutrition. I really appreciate how you move forward, and I′m looking forward to next great and interesting courses that you prepare. I would like to say thank you for your professional approach, great form of study and your positive attitude. Without any doubt, it was the best choice.

PaedDr. Zlatava Jakubsova, Ph.D.

I had two reasons to participate in course of Martin Jelínek. I have been interested in healthy nutrition for several years and I wanted to expand my knowledge. Next reason was that my profession is related to sport and knowledge of suitable nutrition is very important in this branch. Course of Martin Jelínek met my expectations. I get complex information about nutrition. Form of study suited me well, because it allows to harmonize studying with work. I also appreciate chance of further cooperation and consultancy. I can warmly recommend this course.

Lucie Klusova

I couldn′t imagine, what it means to study online. However, it exceeded my expectations. In the beginning, I thought I couldn′t manage it – to make mind maps every day, pass test every month, but I got used to that and it became part of each day. Lessons are presented the way that anybody can understand them, so it was pleasure to learn something new every day. I started to use that new information in my work, so it was easier to keep them in mind and I could verify everything in reality and see, how it worked. I was looking forward to every monthly meeting and it was always very contributing for me. There was always group of great people and the form of such meeting was perfect. No useless information, everything clear and understandable. I was really excited by the approach of Mr. Jelínek. I have never met anybody, who knew so much about his profession and would be able to hand on that information to others. I liked that he wanted to help us and that he didn′t keep any information or know-how back, but he was really concerned that people take care about themselves and like themselves. Moreover, we started to eat better in our family and I lost 4 kg during the course without trying to achieve that. I only changed my diet :-)

Ing. Marta Vesela

After graduation of retraining course “Counseling for nutrition” I was looking for course that would help me to fulfill missing knowledge. Holistic view on human nutrition, respecting individual person and using experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda were crucial requirements for me. I found all of that in courses of Martin Jelínek. Enrolling to course of Mr. Jelínek was one of the best things I have done this year. His approach, his knowledge and ability to explain anything we needed are absolutely incredible. Possibility to use online advisory center after finishing of course is priceless. I can warmly recommend this course to anybody, who is interested in healthy nutrition.

Linda Vykoukova

Course was contributing not only for my work, but also for my life. In the beginning, I was afraid if I would manage daily lessons, work and family, but it became pleasant habit. Course of Martin Jelínek is really quality and I′m happy to participate in it.

Ing. Jarmila Sterbova

I am grateful for participating in your course. I took a look into the world, where direct logic shows its amiable face. Your course and personal approach offer understanding of context that brings chance for freedom along with responsibility for all decisions. Even though we talk about body processes, meaning of information goes to immaterial spheres, which was the most interesting for me. Thank you. It was an honor to meet you.

Ing. Blanka Vaskova

However, my profession is purely technical, I am interested in keeping health during whole life. As a child, I went herb-picking and at home, we ate especially what we grew in the garden. I read books on this topic. Then I added work with bioresonance, detoxification using natural supplements and I was excited about results that those methods can bring regarding health. When I get e-mail from my friend with link on course of Martin Jelínek with this recommendation: “Formerly, he was lecturer of our company and he was really great,” I said to myself that this could be chance to bring order to all information that is often very contradictory, so I would graduate this course. I have to admit that the only thing I struggled with was time that I haven′t enough, because I am very busy. I have to say that I was agreeably surprised how complex and extensive the course was. I was always looking forward to Saturday, when I was catching up on the week lessons, so I could read content of next topics and I learnt something new. I really appreciate that materials are accessible for graduates also after finishing the course, so they can get to new information regarding this issue. Contemporary human is exposed to huge stress (polluted environment, diseases of civilization, stress and so on) and if he or she wants to manage this stress in relatively good health, I think that knowledge of diet is one of the most important we should have. So I recommend this course to all people who are not indifferent regarding health of their own and health of their close family and friends. It is an investment that is worth it. It is unprecedentedly favorable ratio of price and quality with whole-life benefit. Thank you, Mr. Jelínek.

Slavka Cabalova

Several months before I decided to participate in this course, I was looking for possibilities. Usually, there were courses that took 3-5 days. However, I wanted something more complex that would give me wider view on nutrition. I am very satisfied with information that I get in this course. As absolvent I can ask questions in Advisory center for graduates and participate in other courses. The way of teaching of Mr. Jelínek is exceptional.

Symunkova Miloslava

Courses of Martin Jelínek were enriching for my professional and personal life, as well. I am very grateful to Mgr. Jelínek for self-contained, complex, holistic approach. I was captured by unique method of teaching – using of mind maps and ZOF game. Thanks to great lecturer I learnt to see human being as a whole and how to influence health via nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Martin Jelínek is a real professional, he leads his courses with his thought-out, comprehensible and original approach. I am 58 years old and I successfully graduated the course, even though in the beginning course seemed demanding to me. It is possible to manage it thanks to educational system and helpful lecturer. I can warmly recommend courses of Martin Jelínek to anybody, who is interested in healthy, balanced and unique nutrition!

Jaroslava Hudcova

I chose courses of Martin Jelínek after reading references and watching short video. Martin Jelínek is professional in healthy nutrition and healthy life style. His knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and other directions is amazing. I was agreeably surprised by his professional approach. During study, you can get many information and knowledge that can help you to start your own business in healthy nutrition and change of life style. I would like to thank for his professional approach to his students. I admire him for his fantastic knowledge in healthy nutrition. Today, I understand that short-term courses that are provided by other companies are incomparable regarding quality of gained information.

Monika Patrmanova

I like courses of Martin Jelínek. I have to say that I started as total amateur. For several years, I have been eating “slimming” powdered cocktails, because I didn′t know how to cook and what to eat. I found this course, because I was little bit overweight in spite of using slimming cocktails. I get so many knowledge during few months that I cook all foods daily, and I also slimmed down to desired weight that I know how to keep. I feel great that my nutrition is healthy and balanced. There is no limit for me regarding selection of foods and tastes, but I learnt how big portion is enough for me, what to eat to stay satiated longer, how to control taste for sweet, how to deacidify my body and keep it in acid-base balance, what to eat before and after exercising and many other “tricks” of diet habits. For several years I have been working in Australia as nurse and I was so excited by courses of Martin Jelínek that I decided to open my advisory center here and to pass this valuable information to my clients. Thank you so much, Mr. Jelínek. I am looking forward to another course. For me, you are the best!

Bc. Zuzana Kohanova

I purposely found course of Martin Jelínek because of several reasons. First of all, I missed self-contained overview of diet and many things were confusing to me. Secondly, I suffered from small recurring health problems that I didn′t want to solve by visiting various doctors. And the third reason was a chance to study online. After graduation of this course, I started to discover how my body really works thanks to knowledge I get. I was able to recognize what is good for it and what is not. Finally, I found so called golden mean and I don′t have to go to the doctor because of smaller health problems, but I am able to solve such situation myself via diet and natural preparations. I am very grateful to Martin for that. There′s never enough knowledge and I look forward to next courses with Martin.

Ing. Jitka Jedlickova

I would like to politely thank for chance to learn from Martin Jelínek. Course was very contributing for me. Online form was great solution for me, because I am very busy. Lessons are well-developed, composed and I also appreciate ZOF game and mind maps that helped me to remember the information. During study, I realized that psychic state is very important and I decided to study "Power of a Thought” course. Thank you again for your course and I am looking forward to further courses you prepare.

Tatana Kovarova

I enrolled the course based on recommendation and positive references on the internet and I definitely don′t regret. In the beginning, I had a lot of information and even more questions, now, I have much more information and slightly less questions :-) The course was great! Complex information, teaching, and form of study were really captivating. I also enjoyed approach and enthusiasm of Martin Jelínek. I consider him to be one of the best nutrition specialists. I can recommend the course to anybody, who is interested in healthy lifestyle and who wants to get complex information about nutrition.

Ing. Marcela Krejcirova

When I was looking for suitable course regarding healthy nutrition, I appreciated chance to study online, so I could study and take care of my two little kids – and system of tests forced me to study continuously. I have been interested in healthy nutrition for long period of time, but only after graduation of this course I could sort out information and get a scope. I am glad to familiarize with various alternative ways of nutrition and consultations with lecturer. Now, I am thinking, which another course I will participate in.

Ivana Brablecova

Course was a great asset for me. It is very extensive, full of information and you can learn many new and interesting things. When I was deciding to enroll, I was reading reviews and get a feeling that I can do it. I have to admit that it wasn′t so easy for me as some presented it. Work with mind maps was totally new for me and it was time consuming, but very interesting. I was looking forward to every next day and very new lesson. I set an alarm clock earlier and before leaving to work, I impatiently switched on the computer and curiously read new information. Finally, I made it and today, I can show off the graduation certificate. During those 6 months, I get used to study so I am missing it and I am thinking about another course. Mgr. Jelínek is great professional in his branch. Thanks to his willingness to share his knowledge and experience, we have also chance to grow professionally and personally. To anybody, who still hesitates, I can warmly recommend this course.

Ing. Hana Pechova

I have been interested in nutrition for many years. That was why I decided to be a professional in this branch. I started to look for quality course on internet, which was quite complicated task. I didn′t want to be so called fast-track expert, who mindlessly repeats learnt phrases. That′s why courses of Martin Jelínek, based on holistic approach, attracted me. I also appreciated connection with Traditional Chinese Medicine, online form of study, and system of mind maps and work with ZOF that forced me to learn something every day. Now, I am preparing for my own practice and I also study. I can recommend these courses, they are precisely configured.

Zdenka Hlavenkova

I was helpless and confused with offer of so many (usually incorrect) training companies, so I chose course of Martin Jelínek on the basis of recommendation. It speaks for itself. When I want to learn something, I need to draw on experience of the best :-). Learning was amusing and it was possible to manage it while working. I am totally excited about service after graduation. Now, I don′t have my own advisory center yet, but I willingly provide advice to my friends.

Romana Jakubcova

Self-study and length of course, augury of quality, were decisive factors. I gained self-contained, meaningful information about nutrition and its consequences and perspective of Eastern cultures. Complex approach to information, on-line advisory center, and further education or cooperation with Martin Jelínek and other colleagues are great bonus.

Lucie Nemeckova

Twelve years ago, I started to take up interest in healthy lifestyle because of chronic health problems. Nutrition quickly became my greatest hobby and recently also my profession. I was looking for course that could give me another inspiration, information, and personal development opportunity in this field. Without exaggeration, course of Martin Jelínek exceeded my expectations thanks to its wide range of information, professionalism, well elaborated materials that I use within my practice, and chance of consulting and further development.

Libuse Pelikanova

I would like to thank Mr. Jelínek for his courses. I enrolled and participated in the course with positive expectations. I am not only satisfied, but also positively surprised with the quality of course, intensity and approach of Mr. Jelínek. I learnt everything I needed to know and for sure, I will participate in other Martin′s enriching courses, because I think it is worth it to educate myself. I also appreciated that when I needed help or advice, Mr. Jelínek was at my disposal. Thank you for that. Whether you want to be professional or graduate the course just for your needs, don′t hesitate. I can warmly recommend it.

Jiri Sorm, DiS.

The course definitely enriched me and moved me forward. As Martin said, finally everything “settled”. Thanks to rich and balanced information I gained distance or scope regarding nutrition and healthy lifestyle. I also learnt how to use the information for me and my friends.

Mgr. Petra Kuderova

I chose course of Martin Jelínek especially because of my children. I wanted to broaden my knowledge about healthy nutrition and gain new information about compound of foods that I serve to my kids. Within the course, I gained such information in complex and self-contained form; and thanks to seminars it was also amusing. Even though I didn′t plan to counsel about nutrition, interest of my friends and other people assured me that I can connect my hobby with work and pass gained knowledge to other people. I can warmly recommend course of Martin Jelínek to all people, who want to educate themselves in this branch or want to be professionals. In my opinion, this course is the most extensive course on the Czech market.

Veronika Krcmova

Course of Martin Jelínek is exactly what I was looking for. Online form of study and creating of mind maps suited me. It forces me to do something every day. I also appreciated Martin′s complex view on human being. Approach of Mr. Jelínek and other colleagues is amazing and I can warmly recommend it.

Katerina Ondrackova, DiS.

I am happy that such form of course with complex perspective of nutrition and individual needs of each person exists. Agreeable “distanced” atmosphere and face of Mr. Jelínek in video courses gives very positive energy to the course. I am enthusiastic about content of course, knowledge, holistic perspective, approach to students and subsequent graduates. Advisory center for graduates is great support in beginnings. One can feel more securely when he has support at his back. Online study of nutritional consultancy suited me perfect. I had time to process gained information gradually, without stress. Mgr. Jelínek was right that in the end of course, something clicks in one´s head and everything gets connected. It´s a great feeling that cannot be paid with money. I am looking forward to further courses. For me, it certainly wasn´t the last one. I would like to thank Mr. Jelínek and his team for the great job they do. I wish you many grateful graduates as me.

Marie Hlouskova

This course exceeded my expectations. Initial worries, how I would manage to absorb daily lessons and do homework became daily habit and I was looking forward to new, interesting information. Approach of Mr. Jelínek is unbelievable – professional and comprehensible lectures that provide also scope for own opinion on the topic. He doesn′t force anybody and leads you to see things from different point of view. I can warmly recommend!

Tomas Barton

I chose course of Mgr. Jelínek after thorough consideration. I appreciated orientation of the course on Western diet, diet according to traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and others. Personality of Mr. Jelínek was another reason. He is a great inspiration for me. Course moved me and my family, who went through the course with me, in the right direction. I can warmly recommend the course to anybody, who wants to change his or her lifestyle.

Kristyna Bendova

I can warmly recommend courses of Martin Jelínek to anybody, who grope or think that he or she “know everything” about healthy nutrition. I was actively studying healthy lifestyle for four years, read books, blogs, tried to follow general advices of medial-known professionals, substitute half of foods with various cocktails… and even today, after graduating the course, I am trying. I wanted to reconcile information, so I decided to participate in the course. When I asked myself: “What did the course give me?” – I found out that I gained many new things. During the first lesson I asked myself: “What am I doing here? It′s not for me. The guy knows so many things.” In the end of course, everything meshed like puzzle. The course offers many ways and it depends on each of us, which of them we choose. I was astonished by every lecture so I was rather quiet, wrote notes, and was surprised that so many things are related to healthy nutrition. Lecturer is very pleasant and talkative man and due to nervousness I couldn′t often find the right words, but his calm attitude and everlasting smile was great. If there were more of such lecturers, there would be more students interested in studies ;-). I recommend you to send an application and look forward to assets that this course can bring to you.

Radek Pelikan

When I was looking for professional course regarding healthy nutrition and nutritional consultancy, offer of Martin Jelínek immediately captured me thanks to its extensive range and I also appreciated that it is not just weekend “crash course“. The course is really very extensive, it has wide range of information and it is perfectly configured. It covers all spheres that are connected with nutrition. Course is suitable and enriching for people, who want to engage in nutritional consultancy professionally, and also for those, who want to improve nutrition of their own or of their friends. I appreciated complex approach to nutrition that is emphasized during the whole course, and positive relationship and openness to alternative ways of diet, e.g. veganism and other alternative diets. In the beginning I was afraid of work with mind maps, because I have never met them before. However, my worries were useless. It is a great method that has wider application than just learning. I am happy that I encountered Martin Jelínek, he is a real professional and he really understands, what he does. It is not just diet. I also read all his books that are great, as well. I am interested in other courses that are focused on different topics, body language or power of thought. I believe that these courses are also great and enriching as his courses about nutrition.

Petr Pleschinger

I think that after graduation of this course it is not possible not to change opinion on what people usually eat. Everyday overload of advertisement significantly warps opinion of what is beneficial for human being. They work on principle that lie repeated hundred-times becomes the truth. After graduation of this course every participant has to change at least his diet. Every lesson brings more and more questions. So, I watch with a smile an offer of other courses that promise managing of this topic within one week or even weekend. Further development of gained information is very important. And it is not important if you will or will not make your living on consultancy after graduation of this course. Prolongation of life and avoiding diseases due to bad diet are worth this investment.

Katerina Kminkova

I started to study course of Martin Jelínek, because I wanted to do something new that I would enjoy, that would be satisfying and would be beneficial for other people. I didn′t have that in my recent job anymore. I enjoyed the course, processing of mind maps was easy and very educative. System of ONLINE course is a great advantage, because I could study at home, when I had time. Course helped me to organize my knowledge regarding healthy nutrition and learn many new things, but it also totally changed my opinion in some areas. I also appreciated understandable explanation of basic information about Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Course helped me with my new professional start and I am looking forward to my clients.

Ing. Marketa Petrova

Courses of Martin Jelínek are great complex and self-contained manual that helped me orientate myself in the branch of human nutrition, his health and supplementation issue. Because of time reasons, I chose online version of the course, so I could adjust the study according to my time schedule. Individual topics are synoptically, simply and readably processed and I liked them. I also appreciated system of mind maps. Thanks to them, lessons were well arranged and it was easier to remember them. It also supported my creativity. If you are interested in healthy nutrition and lifestyle, this course is definitely right choice.

Dagmar Sedlarova

Courses of Martin Jelínek are well arranged, clear, apposite, complex. Tasks that need to be done, teach you to think from many points of view about person we made a menu for. IT is not just about blind counting of calories. These courses are great contribution for me and they moved me forward and make sense to me.

Iva Brozovicova

I chose your course on recommendation of my friend who told me about course for fitness trainers. When I started with fitness, I realized that exercising and nutrition go hand in hand. I found out that I can counsel my clients with exercising, but if they didn′t eat healthy food, it was just partial solution. I gained a lot of information during the course and online form suited me well. Course was great and I hope that I will be successful nutritional advisor thanks to this course. I am happy that after graduation of course work with Martin Jelínek doesn′t end and that he offers advice for graduates and keeps helping them. I can warmly recommend this course.

Ing. Zuzana Kosarova

Mr. Jelínek – important milestone of my life! He directed me on the right way and his courses motivated me to walk the way that is really interesting for me. So now I study Chinese Medicine.

Mgr. Martina Wilczkeova

I am so grateful that I could graduate course of Martin Jelínek. I was captivated by perfectly processed content of course and complex information. Everything is presented in context. View on nutrition is complex, it connects physical, psychic, and emotional essence of a human, which I liked the most. I learnt to think differently about nutrition; that it is not just necessity or that it could be a great experience. Today, I think about food, about emotional state while eating, and I know how individual foods will behave in my body. I became responsible creator of my health via nutrition. I also use my knowledge when creating menu for my family and as coordinator of “really Healthy Scholl” program.

Mgr. Hana Coufalova

Course of Martin Jelínek moved me professionally and philosophically. It doesn′t matter if your motivation is care of your health and health of your close friends, or if you want to get professional information and use it in professional career. I am convinced that both groups of people will be satisfied with content, organization and system of education and chance to keep in touch with Mgr. Jelínek after end of the course. I can warmly recommend this course to anybody, who considers health to be important asset and wants to work on in actively from basis via nutrition. I believe that you will be positively charged and inspired in life as I am.

Jan Smehlik

I couldn´t even wish for better teacher (I would call him guru in nutrition). Before course of Martin Jelínek, in my spare time I was interested in nutrition, however thanks to this course I realized how many imperfections I was suffering from. I would like to thank Mr. Jelínek who always accommodated me, when I needed an advice. I understood important things and gained new perspective on nutrition that I wasn´t able to realize before. I also gained vast information in many areas that I needed to make clear. Every day I was looking forward to new lessons and immediately after waking up (with eyes gummed up) I was signing in Student section and enjoyed new information that moved me forward. In future, I am going to educate myself and fulfill further great information in courses of Martin Jelínek. Here it is just guaranteed! :-) Thank you!! :-)

Bc. Lenka Krehlikova

I really enjoyed Journey to the Figure of Your Dreams course. I plan to read it again within few months to make it alive. In autumn or winter, I will participate in another course –Secret of Biologic Age or Power of a Thought. I wanted motivation for healthier nutrition and exercising – and it came off. And my motivation will last thanks to approach to materials. I am excited about websites, offer of courses, expertise and understandability for amateurs at the same time. ZOF and everyday tests helped me a lot to remember important information. Thank you.

Svetlana Darvasova

I am interested in healthy nutrition as professional, but also personally. Online course of Martin Jelínek suited me, because I didn′t have to go anywhere. I can recommend it, it was great :-)

Ing. Hana Murphy

In our family, we have been interested in what can or shouldn′t be on our plate for many years. It also applies for our kids – this is important topic for them. I participated in several seminars on this topic, however self-contained course of Martin Jelínek moved me forward thanks to gained information and practical experience. Course contains everything that parents of children of all age groups need to know about nutrition. I can warmly recommend!