Martin Jelinek. I am your guide to body and mind nutrition

Mgr. Martin Jelinek

I held more than 3,000 lectures and I have 18 years of experience as nutrition advisor. In few last years I intensively engage in work with body language. I organize live trainings and week-end seminars, distance and on-line courses. I profess holistic approach to human being and I pass this philosophy to my students and people from professional and layman public.

  • I have written several successful books – my book “Mum, Dad, stop killing me!” became bestseller in the Czech Republic.
  • I have created ZOF application – personal and family assistant for nutrition.
  • For several years, I collaborated on one of the most followed program about healthy nutrition for Czech public TV station (“Under the lid”, Czech Television).
  • I regularly appear in TV and radio lifestyle programs focused on healthy nutrition.
  • I am author of menus for participants of Prague-Hamburg Regatta, which is the most difficult rowing race in the world. Also thanks to these menus two racers were inscribed into Guinness Book of Records.
  • As nutrition specialist, I cooperate with many Czech athletes, representatives in contact and strength sports, ice-hockey or soccer.

During my professional career, within holistic approach I teach my students to search for relations and associations between diet and health. I do not succumb to fashion trends and I don’t kick against them either. I don’t forbid, but I recommend.

I did myself everything I teach others – individual nutrition styles (from paleo to veganism), fasting, meditation techniques…

Diet I prefer and teach is based on variegation and balance in selection of foods, when such selection has to comply with needs of each individual. This system is never set in concrete, but on the contrary it is flexible and it constantly develops based on actual needs of each person. “Standardized menu” can never correspond to this philosophy. That is why we educate people interested in healthy lifestyle in our courses – people who want to gain complex view on nutrition.