Vegetarianism and veganism practically

It doesn’t matter if you have decided to be vegetarian due to ethic or health reasons. This course will satisfy you. From moral point of view, it is noble that we don’t want to eat animals. However, it is not ok, when we hurt ourselves due to unsuitably set vegetarian diet. If we want to build our life on higher moral principles, it is necessary to know basic rules of metabolism functioning and suitably apply rules of vegetarian diet. Nonobservance of these rules leads to health problems. To substitute meat, eggs or milk products with plant alternatives without needless deviance from metabolism balance and health is a challenge that anybody interested in this type of diet can manage in our course called Vegetarianism and veganism practically.

7 reasons for this course

Complex perspective on nutrition issue

Western science and philosophy of Eastern cultures are equally important for us.

Orientation to all diet approaches

We focus on diet of lacto-ovo vegetarians, vegans and raw-foodists, as well. Diet system of each of these groups is specific and it is not possible to summarize them into one common chapter.

Learning by playing and connection of studying of nutrition and cooking

You practically experience, what you have learnt. In ZOF (Zone of optimal functioning) interactive application that is part of the course, you transform theory into practice. You will create menus for specific situations. There are tens healthy sample recipes at disposal that you can use for inspiration.

You study on-line, when you have time

You study on-line, at home. You can adjust time range to you possibilities.

Direct communication with lecturer via on-line Advisory center

Extensive Advisory center is part of a course (including whole history of the course, so it is a source of huge amount of further information). So lecturer of the course is at your disposal during the whole study.

Lifelong access to client section

After finishing of the course, all lessons you have participated in, ZOF interactive game for creation of menus and Advisory center are accessible. Forever.

Course is suitable for professionals and beginners, as well

Professional nutritional advisors take part in our courses. Also “layman population” likes this course – they are people who want to learn to eat more healthily.

ZOF - Unique teaching game

New on-line teaching game: ZOF (Zone of Optimal Functioning) serves as perfect tool for practical creation of menus within actual topics during the course. Game allows you to quickly and simply combine foods into specific recipes and automatically assess their qualities and characteristics. So can you immediately see, if your menu corresponds to rules of rational diet. Learning becomes “a game”.

What will you learn in the course?

  • How to set (for you or anybody else) vegetarian diet so it is balanced.
  • Which foods you shall prefer and which foods you shall avoid. We will usually work with foods that are commonly accessible..
  • You will gain tip how to decrease portion of antinutrients in menu of individual forms of vegetarianism.
  • You will know how to safely apply vegetarianism in case of kids.
  • You will learn how to change settlement of intestinal tract of vegetarians with suitable probiotic cultures.
  • How to appropriately use this diet regime for prevention of various diseases, including diseases of affluence.
  • How to work with vegetarian diet in case of athletes.
  • How to prevent menstrual problems caused by inappropriately set vegetarian diet.
  • How to avoid common “malady” of vegetarian diet (anemia, cold sensitiveness, joint problems, loss of muscle tissue, fatigue) thanks to suitable concept of diet…

How does the study look like

Lessons – Every day, you can open one lesson in student section that deals with specific topic. You can get back to these lessons, you don’t have to study every day.
Training tests – There is a training test for each lesson that serves for repetition of content of a lesson and helps you prepare for overall monthly test.
Preparation of menus – Using ZOF teaching game you create menus for selected topics and you transform theory into practice.
Advisory center – Advisory center is at your disposal. Lecturer continuously answers your questions regarding actual topics. History of Advisory center is at your disposal – it serves as source of further information.
Final test - It is held on on-line platform, thus you can fill it at home with no stress. It is the grand finale of your studying effort.
Certificate – After successful graduation of all lessons and final test, you will get a certificate.

Our students' testimonials

Ing. Sona Vybiralova

I wouldn′t believe that I would regret that the course is finished. I like the study so much. For long time, I was looking for further quality education in this area. I studied scientific discipline overlapping to medicine and I needed to improve my knowledge regarding nutrition of human organism. Course exceeded my expectations. Mr. Martin Jelínek is professional in his branch and he answered my questions during the course. Students get detailed information about complex view on nutrition, foods, their effect on body, view on diets and diseases, supplements. Furthermore, Mr. Jelínek wrote several interesting books. He is very respected person regarding nutrition, we can frequently see him as guest on TV. I can recommend his courses and I am grateful for him, he enriched me in my professional career. I also appreciate that I can stay in contact with Mr. Jelínek after graduating course and I can ask him a question. I am grateful for this course and I would like to thank for everything :-)

Mgr. Viera Krcmarikova

Thank you so much for chance to learn so many information about nutrition and chance to open the door to other area that I am interested in. Besides my job I work as instructor of group exercising. More and more I was meeting with clients who were interested in nutritional consulting, so I decided to connect it and it was right decision. For me, it was the best choice to participate in online course of Martin Jelínek, this way I could study and work and do many other things that I am interested in. The course helped me understand, how our body and metabolism work and how nutrition can help us find the right way and solve many health problems and feel good. Information was sufficiently explained and fixed by using of theoretic information for creation of menus in ZOF teaching game with specific problems we meet in reality. I really appreciate effort to explain basic information about nutrition and many nutritional ways or philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. I graduated and “processed” the basic course and I am looking forward to further education in this area. I believe that all information that helped me will help my future clients.

Ing. Helena Dlouha

30 years ago, I started to be interested in nutrition… I get married and I wanted to know, how to cook. I was looking for context – why, how and so on :-). I was looking in cookbooks, and vegetarian and macrobiotics cookbooks… I went through various periods, I gained various experience and I also found interesting connections – between our food and mind. I was interested in this topic. However, it is not easy to create one balanced whole from all that various information from different authors. Every man is different. What applies for one, is impossible for other one. And there are so many truths about nutrition, and each of them is different. In the course of time, I almost resigned. However, all happens in good time. My friend told me about Martin Jelínek. After certain period of time I enrolled at his course. I don′t believe in accidents, so – thank you, destiny. Martin Jelínek succeeded to create self-contained and functioning picture from those small pieces of information. Everything started to mesh like puzzle. I am skeptical person and I look at everything from many sides and I want to know why and how, before I accept it. I know, sooner or later, I will have more questions, but I also know within which context I will look for answer. Why did the course speak to me? Holistic perspective. It didn′t favor any diet school, any author. Martin Jelínek doesn′t condemn anybody and doesn′t make a fuss of anybody. He uses logic – however his logic is compatible with thinks that are incalculable and immeasurable. In the beginning, it wasn′t easy to sense the personal nutritional posture of Martin Jelínek. Today, I think that I suppose that – and I understand why he is so impartial in certain things. It is valuable to create own view on certain thing that is not affected by opinions of a teacher. Ideally, teacher should help to keep our thinking within certain framework. Regarding this view, we had ideal teacher… and in other views as well :-) Thanks to this course I realized that there is no place for resignation in my life; that I enjoy nutrition and I want to deal with this issue. Ain′t it great?

Rastislav Bagita

After many books I bought and time I spent I found out that information was repeated many times. I was looking for source of information that would go beyond my first accredited education in health. Martin has captured me already on audios from his talks. He didn´t disappointed me at all during the course that I graduated. I was sometimes surprised by depth of provided information. I think that anybody who wants to effectively give advice to people regarding nutrition should graduate this course. Wide range of information is a great asset. Detailed information about foods, dietary supplements, nutrition during health problems and so on… you cannot find it in other courses! I am very satisfied with the course and I am going to graduate more of his courses.

Pavel Skurek

It was a pleasure to work with you. I was captured by your holistic approach and in my opinion, healthy perspective on actual situation in nutrition of people. I appreciated your professional approach to information you provided us. I know that you are vegetarian and I have to admit that I was afraid that this fact would influence the course. It proved that my worry was useless. You won my trust in this branch. Hats off!

Vera Michlikova

Even though I prefer live consultations, I was satisfied with the course and get used to online form. I appreciate that you don′t prefer only vegetarianism, raw foodism and so on, but you also think about people who want to eat “normally”. I don′t like extreme situations, so I enjoyed your approach. With your sense of humor, study was a pleasure. I want to continue to study and I would like to participate in your other course, but now I am too busy… maybe next year. I would like to thank you for contributing information and I am looking forward to further courses.

Read more testimonials Our students are from all over the world

Martin Jelinek

Nutritional advisor, author of seven bestsellers. Founder of JelinekHealth educational company that provides courses connecting wisdom of Eastern philosophies with knowledge of modern science. His goal is to pass on holistic knowledge in nutrition and health to all population groups. He is the author of ZOF educational system.

Do you know…

…that by nature, human being is programmed as omnivore with quite flexible ability to adapt to various conditions? As the only one species on this planet, we have ability to eat very differently regarding changes of ratio of nutrients and their sources and it is not harmful for us.

…that vegetarianism suits the most aerobic athletes (stayers)? Although there are examples of world class strength athletes, who demonstrate that this diet can be effective.

…vegetarian kids don’t have to suffer from malnutrition and following complaints? It is just necessary to follow several fundamental rules that lead their metabolism to the right direction.

More information about the form and way of studying with us:


Each graduate obtains certificate in PDF form.



Course start date:

Immediately after payment.
Course type:Online course
Course length:35 days

Price includes:

1 / 35 intensive days of study.

2 / Studying tool in the form of ZOF electronic game.

3 / Complete knowledge for preparation of vegetarian menu.

4 / Access to Advisory center for students.

5 / Certificate of graduation of the course.

Why to choose course by Martin Jelinek?

  • Complex view on the most spread forms of vegetarianism issue.
  • You will learn to select and appropriately combine suitable foods.
  • You will learn to bring your body and mind to state of balance and prevent health problems emerging due to unsuitable concept of vegetarian diet.
  • Unique teaching method – we use ZOF electronic game, where you prepare propositions of diet regimes using samples of foods.
  • In one month of study that is not demanding and that is facilitated by ZOF game you will get complex information how to successfully work with vegetarianism.

Course application:

Price: $220.00 Available soon