Nutrition for kids

What you learn in your youth… yes, well-known byword goes also for foods. Your kids will probably eat all their life, what you teach them to eat. It is up to you, if it will be healthy diet or not.

In month-long course Nutrition for kids I will teach you to create healthy and tasty menu for your child – and it doesn’t matter if your child is little baby or teenager, who refuses your effort to eat healthy on principle. I have practical manual “how to deal with them” with wide theoretical foundation for each baby.

7 reasons for this course

Complex perspective on nutrition issue

Our concept is based on modern scientific information, but we leave room also for alternative diet regimes. We engage also in various forms of vegetarianism.

Orientation on all age groups of kids

Within the course, we will deal with differences in diet of kids of all age groups – from babies to teenagers.

Studying by playing and connection of studying of nutrition and cooking

You practically experience, what you have learnt. In ZOF (Zone of optimal functioning) interactive application that is part of the course, you transform theory into practice. You will create menus for specific situations. There are tens healthy sample recipes at disposal that you can use for inspiration.

You study on-line, when you have time

You study on-line, at home. You can adjust time range to your possibilities.

Direct communication with lecturer via on-line Advisory center

Extensive Advisory center is part of a course (including whole history of the course, so it is a source of huge amount of further information). So lecturer of the course is at your disposal during the whole study.

Lifelong access to client section

After finishing of the course, all lessons you have participated in, ZOF interactive game for creation of menus and Advisory center are accessible. Forever.

Course is suitable for professionals and beginners, as well

Professional nutritional advisors take part in our courses. Also parents like this course – they want to learn to cook more healthily for their kids and give them appropriate diet habits for future life.

ZOF - Unique teaching game

New on-line teaching game: ZOF (Zone of Optimal Functioning) serves as perfect tool for practical creation of menus within actual topics during the course. Game allows you to quickly and simply combine foods into specific recipes and automatically assess their qualities and characteristics. So can you immediately see, if your menu corresponds to rules of rational diet. Learning becomes “a game”.

What will you learn in the course?

  • What to include into menu, so it is healthy, balanced and variegated.
  • How to convince a kid to give healthy diet a chance and not refuse it.
  • How to prepare food so it is tasty. Taste is essential in kids´ diet.
  • How to harmonize healthy home-made foods with foods in school canteen – this is the place, where your effort to provide healthy foods to your kids usually fails.
  • Infant formula – yes or no?
  • Are milky products suitable for kids? How to substitute them in case of need?
  • What shall we eat to ensure appropriate development of teeth, bones or optimal function of immune system?
  • Chemicals in kids´ foods – how to successfully avoid undesirable additives..
  • Is gluten a bugbear or not? How to deal with it?
  • Sweets and others – how to substitute unsuitable goodies with healthier ones.
  • Children´s obesity – prevention and support of solution of this situation by diet.
  • What to do in case of food intake disorders (anorexia, bulimia)?

How does the study look like

Lessons – Every day, you can open two lessons in student section – one deals with nutrition and second deals with physical activity. You can get back to these lessons, you don’t have to study every day.
Training tests – There is a training test for each lesson that serves for repetition of content of a lesson and helps you prepare for overall monthly test.
Preparation of menus – Using ZOF teaching game you create menus for selected topics and you transform theory into practice.
Advisory center – Advisory center is at your disposal. Lecturer continuously answers your questions regarding actual topics. History of Advisory center is at your disposal – it serves as source of further information.
Final test - It is held on on-line platform, thus you can fill it at home with no stress. It is the grand finale of your studying effort.
Certificate – After successful graduation of all lessons and final test, you will get a certificate.

Our students' testimonials

Ing. Hana Murphy

In our family, we have been interested in what can or shouldn′t be on our plate for many years. It also applies for our kids – this is important topic for them. I participated in several seminars on this topic, however self-contained course of Martin Jelínek moved me forward thanks to gained information and practical experience. Course contains everything that parents of children of all age groups need to know about nutrition. I can warmly recommend!

Pavla Vicarova

When my son was born, I started to be more interested in healthy lifestyle, especially nutrition of kids. I was captured by online course of Martin Jelínek that was recommended to me. I participated in two courses. I like complex view on nutrition – from perspective of Western medicine and also principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. During my maternity leave, I decided to open a center and I engage in healthy lifestyle. I can warmly recommend courses of Mgr. Martin Jelínek and I would like to participate in another courses.

Radka Hazuchova

I have been professionally interested in nutrition for more than 20 years. I am nutritional advisor and cook of natural foods. Personally, I don′t promote any diet, it is always about life balance of each person. I participated in online course of Martin Jelínek “Nutrition of Children” that helped me round out my information focused on children who are our future. I would like to thank Martin Jelínek for valuable course that is well arranged. I can warmly recommend it. Food therapy has one great side effect: health that we need to earn by our behavior and approach to life. Enjoy your life!

Mgr. Barbora Souckova

For the first time, I encountered information about connection between way of life and effect of unhealthy lifestyle on health during my studies on Secondary Medical School. I was looking for course that would help me to summarize and unify sketchy information that comes to us. I found courses of Martin Jelínek that are very well arranged and logically connected. I appreciate concept of study that is focused on nutrition influencing our health from many points of view. I use gained knowledge in my professional life and also as mother of thee little boys.

Tereza Krutilova

As a mother of two kids, since the first pregnancy I have felt constant pressure. I tried to provide as good as possible nutrition habits for me and my family and to lead my kids to healthy lifestyle. Huge amount of books I studied and media “massage”, focused purposefully on future or breast-feeding moms and their conscience, didn′t help me at all. I wasn′t sure of anything and I had real mess in my head. In these courses I understood all information, get wide knowledge, and scope over this issue. However, significant change of thinking occurred. I feel great – not only thanks to losing weight – because I really appreciate that my kids are healthy. After several years of troubles with pneumonia, my kids are absolutely healthy and content – and my family with them. I am really grateful for that to Martin Jelínek. I appreciate his professionalism and his 100%, effort he gave us during the whole course and even after it. Chance of further cooperation is great asset. I am also happy for making new (not only) professional friendships with other students of the course. I want to say thank you for that and I recommend these courses!

Anna Brazdilova

I have been working as consultant for change of life style for many years. Suddenly, I felt that I need to participate in course for nutrition counselors, so I could know, what is taught on such courses today. When I was looking for self-contained nutrition course, I found out website of Martin Jelínek and I knew that this is it. A lot of information was new and very contributing for me. In many things I verified that my journey is right, when I approach each client individually, because everyone is unique and exceptional and there is no universal manual for nutrition that suits to anybody. Work of Martin Jelínek is great inspiration for me and I can recommend his courses and seminars, so the idea of education in nutrition, self-recognition and usage of common sense is spread. Thank you for enriching.

Read more testimonials Our students are from all over the world

Martin Jelinek

Nutritional advisor, author of seven bestsellers. Founder of JelinekHealth educational company that provides courses connecting wisdom of Eastern philosophies with knowledge of modern science. His goal is to pass on holistic knowledge in nutrition and health to all population groups. He is the author of ZOF educational system.

Do you know…

  • … that number of obese children in civilized countries reached 25%? This number corresponds to adult population.
  • … that the most widespread form of addiction that kids suffer from is addiction to sweets? It arises the most quickly, it is connected with emotional side of human beings and it leads to type 2 diabetes.

More information about the form and way of studying with us:


Each graduate obtains certificate in PDF form.



Course start date:

Immediately after payment.
Course type:Online course
Course length:28 days

Price includes:

1 / 28 days of intensive study

2 / Studying tool in the form of ZOF electronic game.

3 / Complete knowledge for preparation of menu for kids of all ages.

4 / Access to Advisory center for students.

5 / Certificate of graduation of the course.

Why to choose course by Martin Jelinek?

  • Complex view on the kids´ nutrition issue.
  • You will learn to select appropriate foods for kids.
  • Unique teaching method – we use ZOF electronic game, where you prepare propositions of diet regimes using samples of foods.
  • Alternative approaches to diet and assessment of their risks are part of the course.

Course application:

Price: $220.00 Available soon