WHR Calculator

Figure quality can be assessed also by distribution of body fat. WHR index (Waist to Hip Ratio) is one of possible indicators. Thanks to this index we can determine type of your figure and health risks related to body type and risk of obesity.

There is a disadvantage that it doesn´t take height and weight into account. Based on this parameter it is not possible to say if (and how much) you need to lose weight.

The result is just indicative and it cannot be considered obligatory for health.

How to measure waistline

Waist line is measured in the middle of distance between lower edge of ribs and upper edge of iliac crest, it means approximately in the area of bellybutton or 2 cm above it.

How to measure hipline

Hipline is measured in the widest place of pelvis, in the area of hip bones.

Waistline: cm
Hipline: cm