BMR – Basal metabolic rate

Basal Metabolic Rate determines energy necessary to keep a human being alive. It is a value that is absolutely fundamental in relation to diet. No matter of goal of diet (weight reduction, increase of muscle tissue or effect on health), when creating menu it is always necessary to keep in mind that total amount of energy intake shall never fall under BMR value. Nonobservance of this rule causes very serious health problems.

BMR is a value that represents amount of energy necessary for keeping of basic vital functions – it doesn´t take energy needed for common daily activity (= working metabolism) and keeping of body temperature into account. The more activities (mental and physical) we do during the day, the more energy in diet we need to take besides value corresponding to basal metabolism.

Count your energy consumption in our calculator – how much energy you need every day for normal functioning.

The result is just indicative and it cannot be considered obligatory for health.

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