Absolute majority of people, who voluntarily enroll any of our courses, tends to learn something new. They have their expectations that are accompanied by various emotions: Besides enthusiasm and certain form of excitement, there is also fear. Fear of unknown or doubt if they can manage the study. Emotion of fear is natural for everybody. After all, long periods of animal development are part of history of human kind and instinctive reactions are typical for them. It means reactions manifested in the form of attack or escape.

We all bear these characteristics and not everybody is able to constructively work with them. After many years of training and organization of courses I met many people, who apparently longed for education in the area of healthy lifestyle. No matter of their education, they had inner need to move on and solve their problems they suffered from for certain period of time. Unfortunately, in certain phase of their effort they let various manifestations of fear coming from inability to manage study pace to overwhelm them. They were afraid of making a fool of themselves when asking for slower pace, so they gave it up.

This way of thinking is unfortunately very frequent and I consider it unhappy. From the personal development point of view prevalence of fear over constructive thinking and behavior has fatal consequences. As a person whose mission is to support education and try to contribute to progress I am aware of it. Some courses we offer are very simple regarding their organization and are not dramatically demanding. On the contrary, other courses are more demanding regarding content and structure and require certain investment of time and regularity in approach to study. And in case of these courses situations occur, when several factors meet and participant of such course realizes that he is not able to manage such study pace determined by regular supply of lessons. That is why we adjusted system of study, so each person could decide his or her pace. He can simply set when individual lessons will appear in study section and intervals between them.

It is necessary to stay calm and avoid any sources of stress that is strong enough to be able to decrease effectiveness of our effort, so our study makes any sense and key information stays in our memory. So it doesn´t make any sense to force oneself to work on study topics when fatigue is stronger than our attention. Or study in the environment, where spectrum of disturbing elements doesn´t allow you to concentrate. Majority of students is struggling with these problems – Mums with little kids, entrepreneurs, athletes, seniors or travelers. I do not dare to say that any of these groups is in better situation.

No matter of what manifestations of destiny cross your study plans, be aware of our goal to lead you to the end. We want to see all participants of our courses successfully graduate.

It means teach you everything we pledged to teach you within individual courses.

Mgr. Martin Jelínek

What our graduates say

Ivana Brablecova

Course was a great asset for me. It is very extensive, full of information and you can learn many new and interesting things. When I was deciding to enroll, I was reading reviews and get a feeling that I can do it. I have to admit that it wasn′t so easy for me as some presented it. Work with mind maps was totally new for me and it was time consuming, but very interesting. I was looking forward to every next day and very new lesson. I set an alarm clock earlier and before leaving to work, I impatiently switched on the computer and curiously read new information. Finally, I made it and today, I can show off the graduation certificate. During those 6 months, I get used to study so I am missing it and I am thinking about another course. Mgr. Jelínek is great professional in his branch. Thanks to his willingness to share his knowledge and experience, we have also chance to grow professionally and personally. To anybody, who still hesitates, I can warmly recommend this course.

Mgr. Margita Mikatova

I work as nurse on cardiological outpatients′ department and I meet with people with many health problems. Besides overweight also high blood pressure, diabetes, higher level of cholesterol, various digestive problems, sleep disorders and psychological problems. Hardly any of them realizes that most of these problems can be caused by wrong nutritional habits. They prefer using pills for each problem, instead of changing of their lifestyle. I decided to study nutrition, so I would be able to help and give advice to those, who want to do something good for their health. Today, there is a lot of information about nutrition and it is hard to choose the right one. Course of Mr. Jelínek suited me in all respects. I appreciate especially online form of study and amount of information regarding various topics. I have to admit that it was hard to manage such huge amount of information. It took me a lot of time and everyday study to manage so many new information and prepare mind maps and processing of tasks in ZOF, which is hard to do with all everyday engagements, but it was worth it. I appreciate approach of Mr. Jelínek and his colleagues, who quickly answered any question. I like the website, I like to read news and especially favorite “School of healthy cooking”. I will watch courses on offer and choose another one.

Jan Shejbal

For a long period of time, I tried to find a course that I could manage while working. For me, regular participation on lectures is out of the question, so I tried to find some course I could study online. When I found courses of Martin Jelínek, the choice was clear. In the beginning, the course seemed demanding, gradually I found a system and started to be interested in nutrition besides content of course. Since that time, I haven′t any problem with study. During the course, I had to go to London for one month and didn′t have time to study. I was surprised that length of study was lengthened for me without any problem, so after return I could start where I had ended. This course was enriching for me and it broadened my horizons especially regarding alternative diet. I would like to thank Martin Jelínek for this course and I can warmly recommend it to others.

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