Due to increased interest in on-line way of study that offers certain form of freedom, we try to offer to our students such system that is as effective as possible and comfortable, as well. Structure of study of our courses is simple:

Information in text form is foundation of each course. One to three lessons fall on each day of study (depending on type of course). It is possible to study every day, each student decides his or her pace of study. Expertness of these lessons is relative. Our goal is to provide education that is utilizable in real world and we do not try to train experts, lessons of courses are easily understandable for anybody. We do not go in unnecessary details, there is space for them in Advisory center. Range of lessons is different depending on specific topic; there are two standard pages in average.

Principle of study is based on creation of mind maps so anybody can manage the course. Maps are not obligatory, but we strongly recommend them, because reality shows that their creation leads to better results. Creation of mind maps is not time demanding – whether you do it by hand on paper or use computer, you need just few minutes per lesson.

There is a short test within each lesson (in the same form as our quiz) that serves students for practicing of knowledge of given lesson. Besides overall tests that finish each week of study, in the end of the course there is final test. After successful completion of the final test each graduate obtains certificate of graduation.

Teaching game ZOF is inseparable part of our system of study that helps us learn to create all-day menus for specific situations. It means that student shall create proposition of all-day menu for man, woman or kid with specific physical parameters (high, weight, basal metabolism) and defined goal – e.g. focused on content of individual nutrients, vegetarianism, macrobiotic system, reduction of weight, kids or athletes, specific health situation (thyroid gland function disorder, immunity, intestinal inflammation and many other topics we deal with).

This game is at disposal only in case of selected lessons, not at all lessons. We always try to keep study time-manageable for anybody – filling of tasks in this game takes some time and we do not want this teaching obligation to become torture, but keep the principle of playing. Preparation of menus in ZOF game is obligatory – each student who longs for certificate besides knowledge has to fulfill all these tasks.

Online Advisory center is part of each course. As lecturer of courses I am fully at disposal here and I answer all questions related to current topics. Advisory center is anonymous, all questions and answers are archived. They become inseparable part of content of individual courses and significantly enrich them with information.

People frequently ask if it is necessary to study every day. No, it is not necessary, students decide their approach to individual lessons; lessons remain at disposal in study section. You can return to them or study with any delay.

Mgr. Martin Jelínek

What our graduates say

Hana Bourkova

It was a happy day, when I found course of Mgr. Martin Jelínek on the internet. I was looking for complex course regarding nutrition and I can say that my choice was right. Course exceeded my expectations – perfectly elaborated system of teaching, advantage of online study, great approach of Mgr. Jelínek. I can warmly recommend his courses.

Zdenek Pochyla

The Nutritional Advisor course taught me to perceive better, how my clients create their relationship to their diet. This very important part of my profession moved me significantly forward in my profession. Thanks to that I am able to help people more successfully. I would like to say thanks to lecturer Martin Jelínek and I am grateful that I can study with him also after graduation of this course.

Mgr. Pavlina Byrtusova

Today, general knowledge only in individual aspects of nutrition is not enough, because nutrition is global (for sportsmen, children, people who want to lose weight...). Courses, seminars, trainings of Martin Jelínek provide a lot of convincing information from any area of nutrition. Range of information and presentation of Martin Jelínek are rich and varied, which is really refreshing in today′s SMS era ;-). I recommend to participate in at least one course if you want to understand nutrition, be able to help yourself and others and “not to get lost” in flood of recommended nutritional advices (not only) on internet :-)

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