No, I am not :-)

I am just demanding. Primarily on myself, because I realize that education that I provide considerably influences quality of life not only of our students, but also of their acquaintances. So I want to provide as complex information as possible in form that is manageable for anybody. It means that the only meaningful possibility is to adopt holistic approach to nutrition. This is the only way so each person carries off what he or she wants and also needs.

And because I am maximalist in approach to life, I tend to bring this (un)happy characteristic into study. Based on constant feedback of our students I try to continuously adjust courses and improve them. I have to keep a tight rein, so the range of individual courses and level of their expertise don´t exceed horizon that would eliminate effort to study of majority of interested people.

To be able to live with clear conscience that I really teach our students something, system of study is set without compromise, which can seem hard at first sight. Each person, who pays for the course, finishes the course. However, only those who fulfill all requirements of study can obtain certificate of graduation:

  • Successful passing of all tests, including the final one.

  • Creation of all tasks in the form of menus in ZOF teaching game.

  • Defense of seminary work (in case of some courses).

In essence, I am not hard, because such status of lecturer always brings certain form of resistance or stress in the mind of a student. And that is exact opposite of peace and ability to contemplate relationships and associations between facts, which is a foundation of success of each philosophy.

So it is not severity, but level of my demands to approach to study and effort to pass as much as possible. So I hold in high regard anybody, who passes any of my courses with final exam, because I know that he had to fulfill my conditions of study that are simple, but not easy to fulfill. I know that, because I make considerable demands especially on myself and I expect the same from other people.

Each of us has chance and ability to contribute to improvement of this world. We can reach it by making higher demands – on ourselves and people around us. Severity is just egoistic state of mind, when we create unfriendly environment. In such environment, our study cannot be of high quality and in calm atmosphere.

Severity is nonsense. Hangover. It is a relic of old would-be educational methods and also forced effort to establish atmosphere of fear and doubt about our abilities.

I long for passing of quality education in the area of nutrition and health. I would like to yield playing severe teachers to others. Moreover, inside I do not consider myself a lecturer, coach or teacher. I perceive myself a guide. Guide of body and mind nutrition, who likes to pass his experiences to anybody, who is really interested.

Mgr. Martin Jelínek

What our graduates say

Mgr. Michaela Bebova

After long searching on internet and looking for a course of nutritional consultancy that would satisfy my expectations, I found courses of Martin Jelínek. First of all, the length of course excited me, then it frightened me little bit, but finally it confirmed my assumption that I made a good decision. Course is full of information, it is professionally led and personality of Mr. Jelínek fits in it. I have to say that system of mind maps didn′t suit me, but it forced me to intensively and continuously prepare myself, which was very important. I can recommend the course – it is hard to find a person, who is able to approach to anybody and anything so objectively and complexly :-)

Rudolf Novak

Since I have been actively working out, I had to start to be interested in what I eat and how it influenced my body. And this way, my journey to healthy lifestyle started. I realized substantial affect of nutrition on our health. I heard many opinions, read hundreds of theories, and watched many documents. Gradually, I get into the point, when I realized that I want to move forward and organize my knowledge, because all that information was chaotic. Graduation of course of Martin Jelínek liberated me. I realized importance of holistic view on nutrition, taking individuality into account, and respecting Eastern philosophies, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. In the beginning, I was afraid that the course is too extensive and contains more information I can manage. The reverse was true. At the end of course I get it and gained complex view on nutrition. Mr. Jelínek is great professional and can look at every food, situation or opinion complexly and with the mind open. I also appreciate his friendly approach and willingness to answer any question and unclearness. I can recommend the course to anybody, who is interested in his or her health.

Veronika Markova

I chose course of Mgr. Jelínek because of well-arranged internet websites and recommendation on the internet. Today, I know that it was great decision. Using mind maps, he teaches complex and self-contained information. His approach is very professional, he teaches with positive thinking and smile. I participated also in other courses and lectures and read his books. I can really recommend it. It moved me in professional and personal life, as well.

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